Ballet Barre

What’s this Christmas Cracker workshop all about?

Here at Platinum Pilates, our Barre classes are busier than ever as more and more clients discover the benefits of this dynamic workout.

To keep the excitement up,  We’re putting our best (pointed) feet forward to bring you a Christmas cracker of a workshop to kick off the festive season. We’ll be guiding you through 2.5 hours of Ballet Barre technique and training, flexibility work and stretching, and finishing our afternoon with Nutcracker-inspired choreography.

A ballet dancer’s lean, sculpted physique comes from hard work and dedication but also from a deep understanding of technique. We have put the hours into our craft so that we can give you the tools to transform your own workout regime and fitness. Between us, we have mixed together the ingredients of Ballet knowledge and professional dancing experience into one big workshop pot, heated it up just right, and dished it out in tasty bite-sized Christmas treats to be gobbled up by all who join us this Sunday.

We are excited to share some Nutcracker choreography with you all, as the Nutcracker is a ballet particularly close to our hearts. You do not need any previous dance experience to enjoy this workshop, we will teach you everything on the day.

Whats the point of Choreography?

Learning choreography is a great workout to really challenge your core strength, stability, poise and stamina.

Not only is ballet fantastic for us physically but learning new routines and combinations does wonders for our minds, giving our brains a tough workout too! Dancers have to be able to retain longer combinations and choreography, setting those combinations to music and listening to the music while we execute the steps so our moves are seamlessly in tempo. There are even many health and wellness programmes that use dance to treat people with Parkinson’s disease because of the many cognitive health benefits.

Why choose Dance?

Dance triggers naturally-released hormones in our bodies called ‘endorphins’. These endorphins make you feel energised both during and after a lively dance session. Between our punchy Christmas playlist, our maids-a-milking moves and our geese-a-laying grooves we’ll have you twirling out of the studio with the shine of the star on top of your tree, the poise and strength of the Sugar Plum Fairy herself, and cheeks rosy enough to rival those of Santa’s elves.

We are really excited to see you all in the studio on Sunday for this not to be missed workshop.

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