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Rewards at Platinum Pilates 2018.

Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions you feel better, in 20 sessions you look better and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body” With a New Year, comes new ideas. Here at Platinum Pilates HQ, we have decided to change the way we reward you guys. Out with the old system that was…
acupuncture treatment image

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Physiotherapy: Stimulating the Body’s DIY Repair Kit

The days of seeing Acupuncture as some kind of woolly hocus pocus are pretty much over, thankfully. There now exists a growing body of scientific research that has examined the effectiveness of Acupuncture on various conditions. So, if your Physiotherapist employs these techniques, it doesn’t mean she is a new age flower child or even…

Sophie Says, Week one was Hell.

With the Flu hanging around, I didn't get into as many classes as I had wanted too

Teresa tells all about her Transformation Week 1.

Week one hasn’t been as successful as I was hoping to be. New Year’s day started a little bit dazed from the previous night, so it was a write off.

Lisa’s “Back on Track” Buddha Bowl.

As a lover of convenient food this is one the easiest dishes I make.

Lisa recaps her first week on her Transformation.

I seriously over indulged over Christmas!I ate everything and anything that was going. All the chocolate, crisps, biscuits and drank maybe a little too much gin.

Elaine’s Spicy Root & Lentil Soup.

Quick, inexpensive and so healthy. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free and high in plant based protein, This soup is ideal for vegans and vegetarians too.  

Elaine’s Platinum Transformation week 1 recap.

I have to admit, this year I had a relatively quiet Christmas, social-wise, so that definitely helped hinder the Christmas inclination to over indulge! My biggest binge over the festive period is Christmas Day itself. My husband, children & I, do 2 Christmas dinners – Yes, 2!!!.. (- you know, to save hurting familial feelings…
Chick peas

Damy’s chick pea, kidney beans and peppers in a pot!

This quick and easy mixed pot of goodness will leave you stuffed full of goodness

Damy’s Week 1 of Transformation.

I went home and took my leftovers from last nights dinner out. I hate, actually HATE, reheated food so this was going to be a struggle
frozen shoulder physio

Damy’s ditching those lazy food habits!

This Challenge is all about consistency. I have the best of intentions but the sticking power of dry stamp.
Cardio Jump-Board

Liz says goodbye to sugar and spice …. all things nice!

It goes without saying that Christmas is a time associated with eating festive treats and over indulgence. Like most people, sugar is my biggest enemy. Therefore, I’m giving up sugar for ‘Operation Transformation’ this January. For a long time, I have battled with a ‘sugar addiction’. I have no self control when my eyes come…
Frequently Asked Questions

Elaine Explains why she’s on our Transformation Team

The concept of logging the personal journey to a healthier, trimmer and more mobile body, that our clients could draw some inspiration or new knowledge from.

Pilates – The Modern Day Pill Making January A Little Easier ….

The Aftermath of Christmas Can Leave Us Feeling Wiped, Underwhelmed & A Little Down In Dumps ... Not to worry - Pilates Has Your Back
frozen shoulder physiotherapy

Frozen Shoulder? Why your Physio shouldn’t be frozen out

Every single week I have at least one patient who presents in the clinic with severe shoulder pain which has been ongoing for some time.     They will say something like “I have been seeing a therapist of some kind for months, but it hasn’t improved. Everyone keeps saying that I may have frozen…
Rachel Coleman

Transformation Team – Rachel’s plans for 2018.

I am bad at sticking to things and need to be held accountable. Having the rest of the team supporting me should make this a little easier. 

Transformation Team – Denis & His New Year Low Down.

Over the last 10 years I have helped many people in creating  their goals and achieving them,  but unfortunately this year I haven't put a lot of thought into looking after myself
trump piriformis physio

Piriformis Syndrome – the Donald Trump of Muscular Conditions?

Piriformis Syndrome is a pain in the ass. It’s true. Literally. The principle symptom of piriformis syndrome is described as ‘buttock pain with or without leg pain’. How vague is that? There is a lot of confusion surrounding it and still a lack of consensus on the precise definition of this syndrome. Pain in the…
Lisa Hayes

Transformation Team Member 3 – Meet Lisa.

I get bored really easily. Foam rolling and stretching are not my friends so I know classes are my best way to go.

Transformation Team Member 2 – Meet Sophie.

For me this "Operation Transformation" is about discipline
Training on holidays

Transformation Team – Meet Teresa

December is always busy with Christmas parties and family and friends gatherings, so that means plenty of food and drink. I wished I had the will power to keep away. 
The Platinum Team

Platinum Transformation. New Year, New You!

As the sun rises on January 1st, we get full of good intentions. Out go the bad diets and copious nights on the wine, and in comes the Nutri bullet smoothies and herbal teas.

Platinum Physiotherapy

Our approach is very simple and whilst our primary goal is to aleviate acute symptoms - ultimately we strive to ensure that your symptoms do not return.
Vegan Food

Jess’s Guide To A Very Vegan Christmas Dinner Made Easy.

With more people turning to meat free and vegan diets Christmas dinners have seen a change from the traditional Turkey and ham. Chick peas, aubergines & tofu are now staples on many dinner tables across the country.

Your Ultimate Hangover Guide.

With the festive season in full swing, We may have all over indulged in a a few too many adult beverages and paid the price the next day. Here at Platinum we know how you feel, It's not all selfies and lettuce leafs as Instagram lets on!

Teresa’s Tasty Baked Salmon.

Teresa's Tasty Baked Salmon with Carrots & Leeks, ideal for a quick and healthy family dinner. Nutritious and delicious and packed full of goodness.

Tipples Top Tips for the Festive Period.

I eat healthily probably about 75% of Christmas, because I just can't bear how yuck I feel when I overdo it!I will enjoy all the trimmings for 2-3 days but then clean up my diet.

Baby It’s Cold Outside…..Rachel’s Reasons To Get Inside Our Studios This Festive Season!

Last festive season I thankfully managed to not wait until the New Year, I was not an angel by any means but I  just tried to stick to a few little strategies and the difference both mentally and physically were twofold.....

Christmas Time Survival guide with Gill.

Christmas is the best time of year as far as I'm concerned but it can bring with it all the stresses and strains of modern living.

Barre Extravaganza with Lauren & Dearbhla

We'll be guiding you through 2.5 hours of Ballet Barre technique and training, flexibility work and stretching, and finishing our afternoon with Nutcracker-inspired choreography

Denis’s Survival Guide For Christmas.

Don’t let one week of Christmas turn into one month of Chaos!

Dan’s Top Tips for Festive Fun.

I'd recommend starting now, start out small and you can build up, then when January comes round you've already built a bit of a foundation to crack on with

#sophiesays….Sophie’s top tips for Christmas.

First up is the always awesome Sophie, also known as #sophiesays with her wise words for surviving the festive period. 

Christmas Ballet Barre Workshop

Join 2 Of Dublin's most talented Ballet Dancers and Barre Instructors for one of a kind Christmas themed workshop.

Lisa’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets For Kids Both Big & Small……….

This is one of my favourite healthy comfort food to make and it is easy and fast to do too so it is perfect for busy families. A way to feel like you are having a treat without the can't get better that that!
new years eve champagne

4 ways to stay on track over the Christmas period

If you pay a little attention to your wellness over the Christmas period, having the odd blow out won’t be the end of the world!

Why Make Pilates Part Of your Life

Everybody will greatly benefit from Pilates.  Whether you are a pro athlete, a complete beginner or somewhere in between - Pilates offers attributes that you cant get from many other workouts.

Add HIIT Training To Your Reformer Class

Our new updated Cardio Jump-Board class is now on the schedule ... Prepare to sweat!

Stay Motivated On The Countdown Till Christmas

The Platinum Team shares some motivational and practical tips to help you stay on track.

Meet Us At The Barre – Everything you need to know about Ballet Barre & Cardio Barre

You do not need any dance experience to feel the benefits of Platinum Barre Workout or Cardio Barre.

Teresa’s Winter Warmers

With the colder days upon us - finding food that heats up the body and staying healthy can be a challenge. Teresa has the perfect blend of comfort & health in her home made winter warmer soup
Pre and Post natal pilates classes

From Bump To Barre with our new Antenatal Barre Class

Whilst there are so many amazing benefits to exercising throughout your pregnancy, there are also some adjustments and modifications that need to be made to keep you and bump safe and healthy.

Curried Butternut Squash, Lentil Soup & Coconut Soup

Super nutritious soup that will help keep you satisfied as you try to lose the last few pounds.

5 Tips to help you recover from the Dublin Marathon

With over 20,000 people taking part in this years Dublin City Marathon, we have some helpful tips to speed up recovery in the hours and days post race.
mo farah pilates

Why you might find your ‘Sir Mojo’ in a pilates class environment.

I believe potential only accounts for a small percentage of what is necessary to become a successful athlete, whether you are striving for Olympic gold medals or just trying to improve your fitness
sore neck and shoulder

Free your neck and liberate your shoulders – any time you want

The Franklin Method approaches health by giving you the tools you need to move better and feel better in any situation. Our next workshop takes place on October 21st.

What’s for dinner Dearbhla?

It's Dearbhla's turn to spill the beans on eating in and eating out!
happy woman working out

How do I get my life back on track as a breast cancer survivor?

Management of patient's post breast cancer surgery is improving thanks to initiatives such as the Platinum Pink Ribbon Program. Ben Doyle explains how the Program can help.

What can patients who face a long time on the Orthopaedic waiting lists do to maintain strength before their surgery?

The benefits of pre-habilitation exercises extend to those awaiting orthopaedic surgery or intervention of some kind.
steak dinner

What’s for dinner Victoria?

Victoria gives us a little insight into busy family life and her foodie habits!
Hummus With Carrot

What’s for dinner Damy?

Platinum General Manager Damy gives us the low down on eating out, eating in and everything in between!
running myths busted

Top Five Running Myths Busted

With the Dublin City Marathon upon us and Triathlon season coming to a close we chatted to William Byrne our Runity Coach & Ben Doyle our Charted Physiotherapist about common running related injuries.
How Pilates heals the body

How Pilates heals the body by calming down the neuromuscular system

We all experience a stressed neuromuscular system on a daily basis, Ben takes a look at how Pilates can help.

Dublin marathon countdown – how to avoid overloading injuries

With only a few months to go before the big race, Ben takes a look at how to avoid tendinopathies in the run up...

Is body awareness & proprioception fundamental to healthy movement?

Ben explains why proprioceptive training is imperative in both the sporting population and non-sporting population.
Physiotherapist giving knee therapy

Daily life can take its toll on all of us – Teresa examines at her own muscle imbalances

A visit to Platinum Physio's Ben Doyle helped Teresa understand and get to the bottom of her hip pain.

How to Prevent a relapse in lower back pain whilst on holidays

Ben has devised a handy exercise program for those of you heading away - all you need is a yoga mat (towel!) and the stopwatch on your phone. Available to download here.
joseph pilates

Top Ten quotes from Joseph Pilates

Looking for inspiration? Look no further - the best quotes from Joseph Pilates, a pioneer of modern day fitness training.
summer sounds

Christine’s Luscious Summer Sounds

If you've got Spotify dip into some of Christine's favorite summer playlists here!
King of Greystones Triathlon

King of Greystones Triathlon

Platinum Pilates and PlatinumPhysio team will be lending a helping hand at the “King of Greystones” charity triathlon at the end of July. This event is organised by a group of family and friends to raise much needed funds for “The Gavin Glynn foundation” in honour of the late Gavin Glynn.
red pepper hummus

Roasted red pepper Hummus

Teresa shares her versatile hummus recipe - easy and delicious!
Reformer Pilates machine

Pilates through the eyes of a Specialist Physiotherapist – part 2

4 weeks into my Pilates intervention and truthfully I haven’t had an episode of low back pain since my second class.
Ben Doyle Platinum Physio

Pilates through the eyes of a Specialist Physiotherapist – part 1

More time spent behind a desk has consequences for us all - in part one of this Post series Ben looks at his own situation and how he is working to reduce his own lower back pain.

​Ditch​ing​ the single use plastic cups

Our studios will be selling bottled water that you can refill and reuse, or bring along your own water bottle.

The science behind stretching – part 2

In part two of this blog piece, our Physiotherapist Ben looks at stretching and whether its an effective way to reduce tightness.

Fabulous in 15 mins – when you’re travelling and strapped for time​

Check out this 15 minute mat based workout - perfect for when you're travelling and strapped for time​.
Will Byrne on his bike

Ditching Sugar – One Platinum Teacher That Needs No Encouragement

Will tells us why he has never allowed refined sugar to control him and believes that moderation is the key to a happy healthy life.

The science behind stretching – part one

Tightness is a warning for us to get moving before a movement dysfunction occurs.
healthy raspberry smoothie

Raspberry Fat-Burning Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and phytonutrients.

Early Physio intervention is the key for Optimal Recovery following injury

In his latest blog piece, Ben looks at how early intervention can get you back exercising quicker.

Skin Glow Smoothie

Packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin glowing and your body squeaky clean.
pink ribbon program

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation At Platinum Pilates & Platinum Physiotherapy

Breast Cancer is the most common cause of cancer in Women in Ireland - Finding ways to regain strength & mobility is the key

Going Vegan – Jessica’s top 5 tips

Thinking about going vegan? Don't jump in at the deep-end! Check out Jessica's advice here before you make the leap...

Damy’s Athletic Conditioning & HIIT Training

Incorporating HIIT into your Pilates Training will have powerful benefits to your health including weight loss, cardiovascular gain & serious body conditioning.

Is massage a necessity or a luxury?

Massage offers a range of benefits including injury prevention and reduced muscle soreness & joint stiffness
Superfood Salad

Superfood Salad to the rescue

Summer salads don't need to be bland and boring ... We're sprucing up our Plates at Platinum this month

What Makes Pilates The Perfect Conditioning Program For Runners

Pilates gives you a good core; Pilates helps with flexibility; Pilates is a great mindbody workout - so what makes it so special for runners?
vegetables for dinner

5 things that happen when you quit sugar

For anyone who has a sweet tooth or needs a daily sugar fix to beat the mid day slump, we know it’s not easy to kick the habit.
Runners racing

Mini Marathon Recovery: Is Foam Rolling a fad or a necessity?

Ben Doyle, Chartered Physiotherapist at Platinum Physio, explains the use and benefits of the Foam Roller.
exercising in the office

Unlocking Motivation, Boost Your Productivity at Work

Christine looks at how draining office work can be and some tips on what you can do to feel better, and hopefully in turn be better at your job!

Are employers doing enough to combat lower back pain?

Lower back pain accounts for a staggering number of sick days taken by employees each year - our motto here is "Prevention is more important than cure".
marathon runners

Why prehab is so important for events like the mini-marathon

Preparation equals Prehab, the injury free solution to completing events such as the women’s mini Marathon.

30 days of Unlimited Pilates

Our 30 days of Pilates costs €185 and will be available to buy on August 1st . These passes include Reformer & Barre classes in all 6 studios.
Sitting at a desk all day

5 tips to keep you Fit & Healthy when you’re stuck at the desk all day

We've put together our list of wellness tricks to keep you supple, mobile & healthy and the best part is you can do them at your desk.

Is pain an output from the body or an input from the brain?

PlatinumPhysio's Ben Doyle discusses how the brain controls the amount of pain received in the body not the opposite way around.

Teresa’s Gazpacho

As the warmer days start to show, I love this really easy and healthy recipe that reminds me to the sunny days back home.
Jennifer Hickey

Shaping up for summer with Jen

As part of our Real Time series we spoke with our Reformer Instructor Jen Hickey about getting summer ready.
Interview with Katy

New beginnings with Platinum – an interview with Katy

Pilates newbie Katy discusses her return to fitness following a C-Section, and how beneficial Pilates has been.
Milena Byrne - The Franklin method

The Franklin Method – a new way of training

Recently qualified Level 1 Educator, (our very own Milena!) shares some insight into this innovative way of training.

My journey with back pain and Pilates

From broken leg and corrective surgery to becoming a Pilates teacher - Jennifer tells her powerful story.

Lisa’s 40 day challenge

This year instead of attempting to give something up for Lent Lisa has decided to take on some new healthy habits.

How to kick start Spring wellness….

With spring almost around the corner Barbara looks at how we can feel better and increase those energy levels.

Meet the Team – PlatinumPhysio

We have teamed up with some of Ireland's most respected medical practitioners to bring you the whole health package.

Discipline – the very thing that we must embrace in order to reach our goals

Derek takes a look at how its Discipline that gets you up off that couch, that desk, that car and into a better way of being, of moving, of living.

Staying on track this January

Regardless of what happened yesterday today is a new day and you can make whatever changes you like to your life now.

Getting wedding ready

It's the small changes that count for Christine as she gears up to her big day.
wake up and love what you do

Hello 2017! Jessica’s top tips for the new year

It may be January but Jess reminds us it’s important to also remember to have fun and enjoy life!

Kate’s top tips for the new year!

Making a New Year’s resolution is a great start, but if you want to be successful then make a plan of action.

Elaine’s top tips for a new year

Sometimes all it takes is some new trainers to get you going and spur you on...

PlatinumPhysio launches this January

Exciting news for us - we're teaming up with some of Ireland's most accredited & respected Medical Professionals to bring you PlatinumPhysio early 2017.
stress busting

Ditch The Stress This Christmas

December is upon us, and with it, a toss up of emotions and the lesser-acknowledged traditional Christmas anxiety.

Victoria’s Christmas top tips

It's not all early nights and healthy food surely!?
Exercising on the beach

5 Tips To Boost Energy Levels

Lisa shares some fatigue-busting top tips with us.
teenager stretching

New Reformer class for Teens kicks off in Stillorgan

Pilates promotes balanced muscle development, flexibility and stability and is a practice which will benefit your teen for years to come.

Sugar addicts be warned – we’re going sugar free for 6 weeks

We're cutting out the obnoxious sugars that add no nutritional value to your health what so ever!

5 Top Tips For Better Sleep

Sleep is so important, bad sleeping patterns can affect your mood, appetite, hydration status, recovery from exercise, metabolism and much more

Clonskeagh here we come!

We’re delighted to announce details of our new Studio and Teacher Training school - opening soon in Clonskeagh.
Slovakian soup

Grandma’s lentil soup for soul

This warming recipe comes from Barbara's grandmother - all the way from Slovakia.
oat scones

Oat Bread and Scones

A quick and easy recipe for anyone looking for a healthy, wholesome bread or alternative to classic scones.
Lisa Hayes

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – how Pilates helped me post surgery

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month our Reformer teacher Lisa shares her personal story with us. For the whole month of October Hospitals all over the country are offering free Breast checks.
Forward head posture

Forward head posture – why it’s so important to avoid

Over time, your neck joints are continually compressed. Many of your neck muscles tighten up, due to continual tension, whilst others weaken due to disuse.
Lisa's Protein Power Balls

Lisa’s Protein Power Balls

These Protein balls take less than 5 minutes to put together and are super handy for a snack on the go.
Christine - post op

How Pilates got me back on track after surgery

Christine spoke to us about her recovery from ankle surgery last year, and how Pilates played a key role in her rehab.

Get out of your comfort zone to get the best from Pilates

Why there is so much to gain from a new Pilates teacher.
Carol Grimes refomer pilates.jpg

5 reasons to make Pilates part of your life

Joseph Pilates' intuitive nature led him to create a system that could help the body heal from injury & illness. Milena picks out 5 reasons you should make Pilates part of your life.
Exercising together in Herbert Park

Motivation & getting back into your groove

Milena's top 10 tips on getting you motivated, and keeping yourself on track.

Lisa’s hearty granola bars

Lisa shares this recipe for an energy snack made with clean nutritious ingredients.
Reformers machines at our Greystones studio

Our Greystones studio is now open

Our Open weekend in Greystones takes place on 12th & 13th November, we're also offering free movement assessments to all new Platinum clients at our beautiful new studio!
bakewell tart

Bakewell tart by the Happy Pear

Jessica recently had a go at making (and enjoying) the Happy Pear's Bakewell Tart - gluten free and vegan friendly.
elaine's postpartum exercise

Postpartum training – the importance of breathing

There is a hugely important link between breath, thoracic restriction and pelvic floor health.

Som Tum recipe

Jessica shared one of her favourite Thai salad recipes with us.
vegan chilli

Vegan Chilli recipe

This vegan recipe is brimming with plant based proteins, fibre and fresh vegetables.
Buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat, flaxseed nut butter pancakes!

These gluten free little wonders are brimming with healthy goodness and make the perfect breakfast or snack.
Breakfast cake recipe

Healthy homemade Nutella Breakfast cakes

These little banana, wheat free, sugar free little wonders are the perfect protein rich breakfast or afternoon tea treat.
Faxseed crackers recipe

Parmesan & Rosemary Flaxseed crispy crackers

Perfect to pack for a lunch on the go in the sun, with a little hummus or your favourite topping .
Audrey O'Connor - Pilates Instructor

Why Pilates Is The Best Core Workout

To get the perfect core - you need to work to the 5 principals - which happen to be what we call Pilates Principals.
sparking water is healthy for you

Why Drinking Water Is More Than Just A Healthy Habit

Your body has its own very sophisticated plumbing system ... Imagine the plumbing system in your own house, without a constant supply of water things get clogged up as they do in your body

New Studio Opening In Greystones

We are delighted to announce our brand new studio is opening in Greystones in September 2016

Fun Healthy Fats – Avocado & Salmon Maki

For sushi lovers - a quick and simple recipe which is high in healthy fats.
Milena exercise demonstration

Co-founder of Platinum Pilates gives her run down on getting set for summer

Milena shares some insights into her work day and reminds us that there is never an excuse to not show up for your health and you are never too old to start looking after yourself.
Kate Hanlon reformer demonstration

Real Time with Kate Hanlon – How She Gets Into Summer Shape

My motivation comes in ebbs and flows, but I find that my best chance of success is planning out my week in advance, both with diet and exercise, and allowing for a bit a relaxation on both fronts from time to time.
Carole Grimes

Carol’s Post Natal Recovery Journey

I thought to myself "I'm fit, healthy and strong. I had a perfect birth with zero complications and didn't even take a paracetamol afterward. I'd be fine, right???"
Victoria Maughan Pilates exercise

The benefits of Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates can transform your mind and body, read more here.

Individual homemade nutella breakfast cakes

The combination of banana, nuts and flax seeds make these the perfect fibre filled morning fuel
Post Natal Pilates

Elaines New Pre & Post Natal Classes

Alongside our Ante Natal programme, we are delighted to launch our NEW Post Natal Pilates Classes. Fridays 10.30am Sandymount, to which new mums may bring baby too (from ages 6 weeks to pre-crawlers)

New Year New You – 5 Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Healthy 2016

It's never as tough as you think and if you commit to cleaning up your diet as well as taking up a new exercise plan, you will see results much faster than if you chose only one...

#smallchanges – Be A Fussy Eater Over The Holiday Season

In the run up to and during Christmas this may feel difficult, but it's not impossible and if you want to have fun and look great at all the parties then eating well is key!

Bringing Pilates Into Your Life

When my body moves well, I feel great on so many levels, I run better, I sleep better and I'm just much happier. But every now and then Im reminded that my Pilates practice creates so much health and strength in my body that I wonder what state my body would be in without it.

Superfoods – Nature’s finest and free – Touch

So you’re thinking touch cannot be counted as a super food but do not underestimate the benefits and importance of human touch.

Superfood – Nature’s finest and free – daylight

The sun is the original super food. Human beings are evolving biologically from of the sun’s energy ... Todays post on Daylight and why we all need it

Superfoods – Nature’s finest and free – Sleep

You produce most of your growth hormone (GH) when you sleep. Which as the name suggests it is essential for you to grow. But its benefits of growth hormone are not limited to getting longer and bigger.

Superfoods – Natures finest and free – Air

Increasing your body's oxygen intake is more about changing the depth rather than the rate of each breath.

Superfoods – nature’s finest and free – water #smallchanges by Audrey

Mother earths most natural resource and still we give water the run around ... Read more about our natural resources and how they can help your health ...
Elaine Tipple Pilates pose

Postpartum Training Week 6

Elaine on why its important to go to a women's physiotherapist.
Victoria Maughan Pilates Instructor

Day 4 #smallchanges – Add 5 minutes of Pilates to your day…everyday

Just 5 minutes of Pilates a day can have a dramatic impact on your Health ... Read why here ...
healthy spinach omelette

Day 3 #smallchanges Become A Green Machine

We've found five easy ways to help you green up your life without trying too hard ...

Why Swapping Coffee For Green Tea Is A Winner #smallchanges

Day 2 Of Small Changes And We're Swapping Our Daily Cup Of Coffee For Green Tea ... Here's Why

Start Your Day With Lemon Water #smallchanges

We’re so excited to kick off our #smallchanges campaign at Platinum Pilates...

Morning Battles

Laurie tells us her secret to being a happy single mom with 3 kids.

INSPIRED by Platinum Pilates

Join us on our six week Small Changes Plan as we get you into fantastic shape just in time for Christmas.

Audrey’s Healthy Halloween Pumpkin Granola

Learn about the benefits of pumpkin, and how to lose wight this fall. Included is Audrey's Halloween inspired granola.
Will and Milena Byrne

Busting the Myth of Drawing In

Will is back with why the sucking in your tummy in class is not going to give you the lean core you desire.

Annie’s Top Health Tips

6 Top tips from Annie on how to eat better, sleep more and be happier.
Will and Milena Byrne

Importance of Breath in Pilates

Those of you who come to Will’s classes know they are tough. There is little time for rest. You’re going to bend, extend, rotate (he likes that one), and you might even balance on one foot! But have you ever asked why he places so much emphasis on breathing? We chat to Will about his understanding…
Group of Platinum Pilates Instructors

The Wonder and Awe of Breastfeeding to celebrate National Breastfeeding week

As national breastfeeding week comes to an end I thought it would be nice to pull together some truly amazing facts about breastfeeding. It's not for everyone, but breastfeeding can be the most awesome and liberating experience of a women’s life. So for all our new and repeat moms out there, here are some facts about how amazing your body is.
Reformer pose at our Sandymount studio

How to Promote Fat Loss with Early Morning Training

Is your daily routine is hectic? Do you want to squeeze in the most out of your training time? Then you need to know when is the best time of day to train so you can benefit the most from your workout!

Postpartum Training – weeks 4 and 5

Elaine shares her exercise goals as she starts to settle into a bit more of a routine.

Mackerel & Lentil Citrus Salad

One of my favourite ingredients for salads at the moment is Lentils (usually the French Puy lentil, because they are one of the quickest to cook), and I can mix them with almost anything – fish, chicken, cheese, veggies or fruits. The nutritional benefits of this particular dish, as well as its’ convenience to make,…

Chunky Style Sweet Potato Stew

If you do not own one of these fantastic appliances, perhaps its time to start looking around for one! I was gifted one a few years ago, and can honestly say (as someone who is not the best or most patient cook in the world!) that I would not be without it. I really value the free time it gives me (i.e. I am not standing over the hob cooking), while trying to juggle a new baby’s routine, family, work (from home) and my postpartum training too!
Group of Platinum Pilates Instructors

Top 5 Seasonally Superfoods to Try Now

With the cooler temperature-its time to adjust your meals with these seasonal super-foods. Try these this fall.

Postpartum training – week 2 and 3

Week 2 postpartum and the body starts its' process of healing.

September Twists

Here is the low down on why adding Spine Twists into your routine can greatly benefit your health, well-being, and posture in just a few short classes.

5 Flat Belly Foods

But as the dark wintery evenings descend upon us, comfort food becomes far more appealing than the lovely alfresco dining we enjoyed this summer and with that we tend to find we are far more likely to suffer from bloating.

Breakfast Flapjacks

Sweet, crunchy flapjacks that will power you through the morning with ingredients that will keep you grinning from ear to ear.
Elaine and her son

Restore your Core – Elaine’s postpartum blog

Elaine introduces a new weekly blog sharing her training tips & exercise plans as she journeys back to pre-pregnancy strength & fitness.

Baking with a Superfood

Find out what quinoa is and how to make delicious savory and sweet treats with it for you and your family.

Flourless Porridge bread & homemade healthy granola – Porridge the wonder grain!

Audrey is old school when it comes to her recipes - keep it simple, uncomplicated and the less processed the better.

Importance of Hydration

Most of us are aware of the importance of drinking enough water. Getting our daily dose of water helps our organs perform their functions and keeps our skin clear and hydrated.

Pilates for Neck Pain

How pilates can help manage neck pain. One of our resident physiotherapist and pilates instructor explains.

Relaxation and Exercise

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to enjoy the restorative powers of reconnecting to your body through movement and relaxation.

Why Men need Pilates More than They Think

So why is Reformer Pilates high on the agenda of Male Athletes and why you need to make it part of your weekly fitness routine.
Pilates for the elderly

Osteoporosis and what you need to Know

By being physically active you can manage osteoporosis by improving bone health, balance, strength, mobility and quality of life.

Banana, walnut & cacao bread

Too good to be true...tasty and healthy wheat free cacao bread.

Why Pilates is the perfect core workout

To get the perfect core you need to work on these 5 principals - the Pilates Principals.
Vegan Espresso Green Smoothie

Vegan Espresso Green Smoothie

You need to try this delicious smoothie - with an espresso kick!

Wheat free, guilt free blueberry scones

Audrey's fabulous wheat free breakfast berry scone recipe - absolutely delicious.
healthy pizza

Pizza tonight?

Kaman shares her delicious and heathly pizza recipe with us.
Sugar free brownies

Decadent dark chocolate brownies

No refined sugar so you can eat these on the Challenge!
Luiseach Walsh - Pilates Instructor

Getting in and out of Long Spine

Luiseach runs through Long Spine - a fantastic exercise which elongates and opens up the spine.
Broccoli pizza

Broccoli Pizza

Gigi's ultimate guilt free pizza!
Sunshine Vitamin D

Sunshine – Natural’s Vitamin

Take advantage of the weather and stock up on your stores of vitamin D!
Pilates for the elderly

Golden Movers At Platinum Pilates

We have created a very gentle group Reformer Pilates class that will encourage an active & healthy lifestyle and of course the social element of group class too.
Pregnancy smoothie

Nutrient bursting Pregnancy Smoothie!

This smoothie is not only absolutely delicious for anyone but packed with the right kind of nutrition for 'Mums To Be'.