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Damy Delivers On His Goals In Week 5.

Week 5 and I've reached my goals for January
Lisa Hayes

Lisa Stays On The Right Path For Week 5.

This week was busy but I managed to stay on track despite the madness.

Pilates For Your Heart

Pilates is not just great for shaping and toning your body, it contributes to heart health and can help reduce heart disease, stress & chronic health issues.

Teresa Tackles Week 4 With Mixed Results.

As week 4 of the Platinum Transformation kicks off , I'm 100% positive I want to continue this journey.
Denis Reynor

Denis Detoxes for Week 3 And Sees The Results.

3 weeks in and a total of 7kgs of weight loss.

Damy’s Back On Form For Week 4.

Week 3 might have beaten me but Week 4 was mine for the taking. 
Lisa Hayes

Lisa’s Week 4 Brings More Progress.

Like everyone, I am having ups and downs, but staying consistent is the key. 

Elaine’s Week 3 Was All About The Flu!

There was children’s flu, Mom’s Flu, Man’s Flu (need I elaborate any more on that one girls?) and Mom’s Cars’ Flu. 
Sophie Mallen

Sophie’s Successfully Active Week 3

Starting Week 3 and I feel like I've hit my stride with pride!

Teresa Tells All About Week 3, Small Steady Steps!

3 weeks in and knowing I still have a long way to go, I feel like I am making progress.
Damy Redmond

Damy’s Week 3 Recap, Smug Factor 100.

Week 3 was a success of epic proportions, Until the Weekend, but wagons were made to fall off! 
Lisa Hayes

Lisa Recaps How Week 3 Was The Best Yet!

This week has been my best week yet. I hit all my training goals
Sophie Mallen

Sophie’s Second Week Sees Some Success!

Week 2 started off way better then week 1. I have been feeling way more motivated knowing that I wasn’t the only one that struggled with week 1.
Alan Johnston

Animal Movement and Locomotion Workshop

Animal Movement is a really fun way to introduce body weight and resistance training into your exercise routines

Teresa Tells All About Her Week 2.

Week 2 started well but along came the weekend and it all went a bit downhill.

Damy Recaps Week 2 of Platinum Transformation.

As the second week started, all I could think about was Chips and Bread.