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running myths busted

Top Five Running Myths Busted

With the Dublin City Marathon upon us and Triathlon Season Coming to a close – we cant help but notice more and more clients descending into Platinum Pilates & Platinum Physio carrying running related injuries – we chatted to William Byrne our Runity Coach & Ben Doyle our Charted Physiotherapist and they have just busted the Top Five Running Myths doing the rounds this Summer
How Pilates heals the body

How Pilates heals the body by calming down the neuromuscular system

We all experience a stressed neuromuscular system on a daily basis, Ben takes a look at how Pilates can help.

Dublin marathon countdown – how to avoid overloading injuries

With only a few months to go before the big race, Ben takes a look at how to avoid tendinopathies in the run up...

Is body awareness & proprioception fundamental to healthy movement?

Ben explains why proprioceptive training is imperative in both the sporting population and non-sporting population.
Physiotherapist giving knee therapy

Daily life can take its toll on all of us – Teresa examines at her own muscle imbalances

A visit to Platinum Physio's Ben Doyle helped Teresa understand and get to the bottom of her hip pain.

How to Prevent a relapse in lower back pain whilst on holidays

Ben has devised a handy exercise program for those of you heading away - all you need is a yoga mat (towel!) and the stopwatch on your phone. Available to download here.
King of Greystones Triathlon

King of Greystones Triathlon

Platinum Pilates and PlatinumPhysio team will be lending a helping hand at the “King of Greystones” charity triathlon at the end of July. This event is organised by a group of family and friends to raise much needed funds for “The Gavin Glynn foundation” in honour of the late Gavin Glynn.
Reformer Pilates machine

Pilates through the eyes of a Specialist Physiotherapist – part 2

4 weeks into my Pilates intervention and truthfully I haven’t had an episode of low back pain since my second class.
Ben Doyle Platinum Physio

Pilates through the eyes of a Specialist Physiotherapist – part 1

More time spent behind a desk has consequences for us all - in part one of this Post series Ben looks at his own situation and how he is working to reduce his own lower back pain.

The science behind stretching – part 2

In part two of this blog piece, our Physiotherapist Ben looks at stretching and whether its an effective way to reduce tightness.

Fabulous in 15 mins – when you’re travelling and strapped for time​

Check out this 15 minute mat based workout - perfect for when you're travelling and strapped for time​.

The science behind stretching – part one

Tightness is a warning for us to get moving before a movement dysfunction occurs.

Early Physio intervention is the key for Optimal Recovery following injury

In his latest blog piece, Ben looks at how early intervention can get you back exercising quicker.

Damy’s Athletic Conditioning & HIIT Training

Incorporating HIIT into your Pilates Training will have powerful benefits to your health including weight loss, cardiovascular gain & serious body conditioning.

Is massage a necessity or a luxury?

Massage offers a range of benefits including injury prevention and reduced muscle soreness & joint stiffness

What Makes Pilates The Perfect Conditioning Program For Runners

Pilates gives you a good core; Pilates helps with flexibility; Pilates is a great mindbody workout - so what makes it so special for runners?