Healthy Eating

Keep up to date with the latest delicious and healthy recipes from the Platinum team.

red pepper hummus

Roasted red pepper Hummus

Teresa shares her versatile hummus recipe - easy and delicious!
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Will Byrne on his bike

Ditching Sugar – One Platinum Teacher That Needs No Encouragement

Will tells us why he has never allowed refined sugar to control him and believes that moderation is the key to a happy healthy life.
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healthy raspberry smoothie

Raspberry Fat-Burning Protein Smoothie

This smoothie is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and phytonutrients.
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Skin Glow Smoothie

Packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin glowing and your body squeaky clean.
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Going Vegan – Jessica’s top 5 tips

Thinking about going vegan? Don't jump in at the deep-end! Check out Jessica's advice here before you make the leap...
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Superfood Salad

Superfood Salad to the rescue

Summer salads don't need to be bland and boring ... We're sprucing up our Plates at Platinum this month
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Teresa’s Gazpacho

As the warmer days start to show, I love this really easy and healthy recipe that reminds me to the sunny days back home.
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Lisa’s 40 day challenge

This year instead of attempting to give something up for Lent Lisa has decided to take on some new healthy habits.
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Victoria’s Christmas top tips

It's not all early nights and healthy food surely!?
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Sugar addicts be warned – we’re going sugar free for 6 weeks

We're cutting out the obnoxious sugars that add no nutritional value to your health what so ever!
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Slovakian soup

Grandma’s lentil soup for soul

This warming recipe comes from Barbara's grandmother - all the way from Slovakia.
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oat scones

Oat Bread and Scones

A quick and easy recipe for anyone looking for a healthy, wholesome bread or alternative to classic scones.
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