With the colder days upon us, I love hot and hearty warm food.

This curried apple and parsnip soup is one of my favourites over the winter months.


2 tbs of olive oil
3 tbsp of curry paste
2 chopped onions
500 grs of parsnips
2 peeled, cored and cut into chunks Bramley apples
1 and a half litres of vegetable or chicken stock


1) Heat the oil in a saucepan. Add the curry paste and the onions and cook for 3 minutes over a medium heat (keep stirring). Add the parsnips and apples. Add the stock and bring into a simmer. Cook for 30 minutes over a low heat or until the parsnips are soft.

2) Blend in a food processor and season to taste. Serve with yogurt or with fresh coriander if you like.

Tip: If you’d like a thicker consistency, rather than using flour, I mill red lentils and slowly add some until the desired consistency.

My children love this soup on a cold winter’s day

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