Real Time with the Platinum Team

Our instructors share their insights into healthy eating, healthy living, what gets them out of bed every morning and more!

Milena on the reformer at Greystones

Meet Milena – Managing Director of Platinum Pilates

The thing that makes Platinum Pilates so special is the great people we have working it in. In this latest Real Time series we've grilled our team so we can share a little more of their magic with you. First up - it's Milena!
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Finding time for yourself – Teresa’s day in the life

Sometime it can be quite challenging trying to juggle life, specially when you have children. Every parent knows!
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Jennifer Hickey

Shaping up for summer with Jen

As part of our Real Time series we spoke with our Reformer Instructor Jen Hickey about getting summer ready.
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Trekking the Camino – camaraderie, sore feet and lots of laughs

Milena, Mum and daughter spent 5 unforgettable days on the Camino over the Easter Holidays.
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Interview with Katy

New beginnings with Platinum – an interview with Katy

Pilates newbie Katy discusses her return to fitness following a C-Section, and how beneficial Pilates has been.
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My journey with back pain and Pilates

From broken leg and corrective surgery to becoming a Pilates teacher - Jennifer tells her powerful story.
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Shout out to Momma Moone Cyndi!

It's Laura Anne's turn to heap praise on her fab Momma.
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Máire and her Mom Julie

Máire shares the love for her Mom Julie!
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Teresa and her wonderful Mum Cristina

It's Teresa's turn to be thankful for her wonderful Mother.
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Here’s to Lisa’s Mam!

Lisa's funny and touching tribute her to her Mam!
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Damy salutes his Momma!

For always putting him first and loving him unconditionally, Damy salutes his Momma!
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Barbara pays tribute to ‘Mam Anna’

Barbara celebrates the most wonderful woman in the world - her Mother!
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Victoria and her Mum!

Our little blog series on how brill our Mums are - we'd be lost without them!
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Celebrating Mums This Week

Bring your Mum to class this Sunday for free! In the run up to Mother's Day this week we're celebrating and sharing stories about our Mums!
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Elaine Christmas tips

She’s making a list and checking it twice!

It's Elaine's turn to tell us how she's planning her festive season!
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Jessica’s Christmas survival guide!

All things in balance and moderation! Jessica gives her take on surviving the silly season...
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Laurie Schneider exercise

Laurie’s top Christmas tips

Self confessed 'bad girl' of the Platinum Pilates' team shares her plans for the run up to Christmas.
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Hayley hanging around

Ho Ho Ho, it’s Hayley’s healthy and happy Christmas tips!

Hayley's advice for the busy party season - prioritise what you enjoy.
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Carol’s Christmas prep!

For Carol preparation is key!
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Teresa’s top tips this Christmas!

If you feel your head is going to explode, you can always drop into a Platinum class and forget about everything for one hour!
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