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Anthony Pierce

Welcome To Anthony Pierce, Our New Physiotherapist.

Hot on the heels of Emma, we welcome another new member to our Physiotherapy Team, Anthony Pierce. After spending 10 years in the UK, Anthony returns home to join us here at Platinum Physio. Anthony qualified as a Charted Physiotherapist from the University of Essex in 2010 following completing a four-year degree in Natural Sciences…
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dry needling

Dry Needling Brigid Jones – here’s how it might have gone!

If Brigid Jones ever had Dry Needling, I reckon her diary entries may have read something like this.  Dry Needling Day 1: Alcohol units 6, cigarettes 0 (yippee), calories 1784 Went to Physio on lunch break to get pesky shoulder pain sorted out. Dry needled. Physio warned “you may feel a little uncomfortable over the…
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Emma Fitzmaurice

Welcome to the Team Emma Fitzmaurice.

Leaving the sunny shores of  Spain (via London), Emma joins our Team here at Platinum Pilates.
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image of tennis elbow pain

Tennis Elbow? But I don’t even play tennis!!

Every year, it’s the same. Wimbledon brings me straight back there. Me (Sampras – a bit dull, but highly effective) against my neighbour (Agassi – he was always the flash one) duking it out over three days on a court carved out of a field in Kilkenny. When Mahut finally outlasted Isner 70-68 in the…
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acupuncture treatment image

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Physiotherapy: Stimulating the Body’s DIY Repair Kit

The days of seeing Acupuncture as some kind of woolly hocus pocus are pretty much over, thankfully. There now exists a growing body of scientific research that has examined the effectiveness of Acupuncture on various conditions. So, if your Physiotherapist employs these techniques, it doesn’t mean she is a new age flower child or even…
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frozen shoulder physiotherapy

Frozen Shoulder? Why your Physio shouldn’t be frozen out

Every single week I have at least one patient who presents in the clinic with severe shoulder pain which has been ongoing for some time.     They will say something like “I have been seeing a therapist of some kind for months, but it hasn’t improved. Everyone keeps saying that I may have frozen…
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trump piriformis physio

Piriformis Syndrome – the Donald Trump of Muscular Conditions?

Piriformis Syndrome is a pain in the ass. It’s true. Literally. The principle symptom of piriformis syndrome is described as ‘buttock pain with or without leg pain’. How vague is that? There is a lot of confusion surrounding it and still a lack of consensus on the precise definition of this syndrome. Pain in the…
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happy woman working out

How do I get my life back on track as a breast cancer survivor?

Management of patient's post breast cancer surgery is improving thanks to initiatives such as the Platinum Pink Ribbon Program. Ben Doyle explains how the Program can help.
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What can patients who face a long time on the Orthopaedic waiting lists do to maintain strength before their surgery?

The benefits of pre-habilitation exercises extend to those awaiting orthopaedic surgery or intervention of some kind.
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How Pilates heals the body

How Pilates heals the body by calming down the neuromuscular system

We all experience a stressed neuromuscular system on a daily basis, Ben takes a look at how Pilates can help.
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Dublin marathon countdown – how to avoid overloading injuries

With only a few months to go before the big race, Ben takes a look at how to avoid tendinopathies in the run up...
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Is body awareness & proprioception fundamental to healthy movement?

Ben explains why proprioceptive training is imperative in both the sporting population and non-sporting population.
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