Pre & Post Natal classes

It’s widely recognized that women who practice Pilates during pregnancy can speed up the post natal recovery process.

Taking Antenatal Classes at Platinum Pilates during my third pregnancy was like a little piece of heaven on a Sunday morning - the teachers were so incredibly dedicated to making sure the class had the right balance of stretching & strengthening that you couldn’t help feeling amazing after each week".

Caroline Regan

Pilates during Pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy is the key to managing a healthy & happy pregnancy

At Platinum Pilates we encourage clients to attend our specially designed Antenatal Pilates Classes from as early as 12 weeks of Pregnancy.

Regular Group Reformer Classes are not suitable for pregnant women at any stage, so our team of Women’s Health Experts & Physiotherapists have designed our Pilates Classes to take into consideration all of the issues that can present women during exercise whilst pregnant.

Taking Antenatal Pilates during pregnancy can help to decrease lower back & pelvic pain as well as improving your sleeping patterns.

With a focus on core stability, strength and overall fitness, our Antenatal classes are an excellent way to help your body deal with the ongoing changes, and prepare it for the stresses to come.

We modify exercises to ensure that Mum and baby workout in a safe but effective environment.

Our antenatal classes are available on our group schedule, one to one, or in a semi private setting.

Mums and Babies Classes

We know that not everything always goes to plan in the labour ward and some labours take greater toll on the body than others.

That's why we put together this very unique class for Women who need a little more support getting back into exercise post pregnancy.

We take into consideration the fact that women can suffer with issues such as pelvic floor damage, pelvic pain and prolapses after birth.

Our gentle class which is designed by our specialists, is suitable for women who have been signed off by their GP or Physiotherapist to return to exercise.

You are most welcome to bring your new born along until they are 9 months old.

Guidelines for Pilates during pregnancy

Taking Reformer Pilates during pregnancy comes with its own set of guidelines so we put together our top tips to help you workout safely during your 9 month journey.

  • Regular Reformer Classes are not suitable during Pregnancy - as soon as you find out you are pregnant we recommend you contact the studio to get more advice on the right classes for you.

  • From 12 weeks make sure to book into our Antenatal Classes as apposed to regular group classes.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that ensures you don’t over heat whilst working out.

  • Never take up any new exercise during pregnancy - your body is going through many changes as it is, there is no need to apply added stresses to yourself during this time.

  • Drink plenty of water & take regular breaks when exercising.

  • Tell your instructor if you have any concerns about aches or pains you might be experiencing.

Pre and Post Natal class schedule

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