Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes

Reformer Pilates
Sports Management, Personal Training

Lisa Hayes exercise

Lisa's goal for every class is to develop functional movement and to build long strong muscles

Lisa formed her passion for Pilates at an early age when competing in TaeKwondo and Coastal Rowing, using Pilates moves unknowingly in flexibility and mobility training.

Years of competitive sport sparked a never ending interest in the human body and how it responds to nutrition and exercise. This lead to Lisa's completion of a BSc in Sport & Exercise Management in UCD and following on from this she completed a Personal Training and Pilates Course in UCD.

She quickly realised that Pilates combined everything she always did from sports- strength, conditioning, flexibility, balance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. She also is a strong believer of mindfulness for positive mental health and uses Pilates as a tool when training clients with stressful lifestyles.

In spring 2016, Lisa competed in her first Fitness Model Competition and won Miss Body Transformation Ireland 2016.

She credits Pilates for providing her with long lean muscles which the judges score highly in such competitions. Her years of experience in competitive sport, and in preparation for physique modelling mean that she can empathise and relate to your struggles on your fitness journey and she can help motivate and conquer any set backs with realistic and achievable tips and advice.

Lisa's classes

Lisa's goal for every class is to develop functional movement and to build long strong muscles, even the tiny ones! She aims to make sure you break a sweat but still leave with a smile on your face - expect a few terrible jokes thrown into every class!

Real Time with Lisa

Lisa's Blog


Lisa’s “Back on Track” Buddha Bowl.

10th January 2018

As a lover of convenient food this is one the easiest dishes I make.

Lisa recaps her first week on her Transformation.

10th January 2018

I seriously over indulged over Christmas!I ate everything and anything that was going. All the chocolate, crisps, biscuits and drank maybe a little too much gin.

Lisa Hayes

Transformation Team Member 3 – Meet Lisa.

24th December 2017

I get bored really easily. Foam rolling and stretching are not my friends so I know classes are my best way to go.

Lisa’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets For Kids Both Big & Small……….

26th November 2017

This is one of my favourite healthy comfort food to make and it is easy and fast to do too so it is perfect for busy families. A way to feel like you are having a treat without the badness…….you can’t get better that that!

Here’s to Lisa’s Mam!

23rd March 2017

Lisa’s funny and touching tribute her to her Mam!

Lisa’s 40 day challenge

6th March 2017

This year instead of attempting to give something up for Lent Lisa has decided to take on some new healthy habits.

Exercising on the beach

5 Tips To Boost Energy Levels

15th November 2016

Lisa shares some fatigue-busting top tips with us.

5 Top Tips For Better Sleep

7th November 2016

Sleep is so important, bad sleeping patterns can affect your mood, appetite, hydration status, recovery from exercise, metabolism and much more

oat scones

Oat Bread and Scones

24th October 2016

A quick and easy recipe for anyone looking for a healthy, wholesome bread or alternative to classic scones.

Lisa Hayes

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – how Pilates helped me post surgery

18th October 2016

As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month our Reformer teacher Lisa shares her personal story with us. For the whole month of October Hospitals all over the country are offering free Breast checks.