Lisa Hayes

Lisa Hayes

Reformer Pilates
Sports Management, Personal Training

Lisa Hayes exercise

Lisa's goal for every class is to develop functional movement and to build long strong muscles

Lisa has been working at Platinum Pilates since September 2016. Since joining the Team, Lisa has worked in every studio and taught clients from all backgrounds and abilities. Lisa's  goal in every class is to insure everyone is able to do every exercise.

Originally from West Cork,with a background in Rowing and Tea Kwon Do, Lisa studied Sport & Exercise Management in UCD. After she finished her studies, Lisa worked as a Sales & Marketing Executive in the Fitness Industry for 3 years. Lisa always felt like the athlete who was dying to be the coach and give  something back to the fitness industry. After 2 years she began a Personal Trainer course. As soon as it was finished she made the switch and began working at Platinum Pilates.

Lisa's classes focus on movement. She likes to insure everyone can keep moving. Her classes offer a lot of modifications, so someone with an injury or even a beginner can still keep moving through the whole class. She hopes that clients get some time to relax. both mentally and physically, and leave the studio with a smile on their face. 

Outside of the studio, life for Lisa is still pretty much all fitness related. She enjoys Cross Fit Classes a few times per week and everyday will consist of a walk in the park with Lucy, her dog.  Lisa also loves cooking. She will spend a lot of free time preparing meals or testing recipes. She'll use any occasion she can find to bake cakes, cookies, pies anything bold for friends and family.

Lisa's Blog

Lisa Hayes

Lisa Stays On The Right Path For Week 5.

12th February 2018

This week was busy but I managed to stay on track despite the madness.

Lisa Hayes

Lisa’s Week 4 Brings More Progress.

5th February 2018

Like everyone, I am having ups and downs, but staying consistent is the key. 

Lisa Hayes

Lisa Recaps How Week 3 Was The Best Yet!

24th January 2018

This week has been my best week yet. I hit all my training goals

Lisa Hayes exercise

Lisa Recaps Week 2 Of Platinum Transformation.

19th January 2018

It is the first real week I felt I was moving forward with my goals.


Lisa’s “Back on Track” Buddha Bowl.

10th January 2018

As a lover of convenient food this is one the easiest dishes I make.

Lisa recaps her first week on her Transformation.

10th January 2018

I seriously over indulged over Christmas!I ate everything and anything that was going. All the chocolate, crisps, biscuits and drank maybe a little too much gin.

Lisa Hayes

Transformation Team Member 3 – Meet Lisa.

24th December 2017

I get bored really easily. Foam rolling and stretching are not my friends so I know classes are my best way to go.

Lisa’s Healthy Chicken Nuggets For Kids Both Big & Small……….

26th November 2017

This is one of my favourite healthy comfort food to make and it is easy and fast to do too so it is perfect for busy families. A way to feel like you are having a treat without the badness…….you can’t get better that that!

Here’s to Lisa’s Mam!

23rd March 2017

Lisa’s funny and touching tribute her to her Mam!

Lisa’s 40 day challenge

6th March 2017

This year instead of attempting to give something up for Lent Lisa has decided to take on some new healthy habits.