Teresa Laiseca

Teresa Laiseca

Reformer Pilates

Teresa likes to challenge her students!

Teresa’s interest for movement began at an early age having a passion for Ballet and Contemporary Dance. During some training, Teresa suffered a cruciate ligament knee injury and after surgery, Pilates helped with her recovery and get back into dance.

Encouraged by her own experience and discovering a new way to stay strong and healthy, and having been a Pilates student for many years, she eventually decided to train as a teacher.

Teresa believes Pilates really helps you feel good not just physically but also mentally. Is a form of exercise that helps strengthen, lengthen and tone the body and it’s a great tool during a rehabilitation process.

Our fast paced lives bring a lot of tension and bad postural habits which affects our whole body and Pilates is a great way to release and correct these. I love the fact anyone of any shape, ability and age can do Pilates making it an open, diverse environment”.

What to expect
Teresa’s classes focus on alignment, fluidity of movement and she likes to challenge students. Her goal after each session is to make people feel stronger, longer, more flexible and relaxed.

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