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mo farah pilates

Why you might find your ‘Sir Mojo’ in a pilates class environment.

I believe potential only accounts for a small percentage of what is necessary to become a successful athlete, whether you are striving for Olympic gold medals or just trying to improve your fitness
summer sounds

Christine’s Luscious Summer Sounds

If you've got Spotify dip into some of Christine's favorite summer playlists here!

​Ditch​ing​ the single use plastic cups

Our studios will be selling bottled water that you can refill and reuse, or bring along your own water bottle.
Will Byrne on his bike

Ditching Sugar – One Platinum Teacher That Needs No Encouragement

Will tells us why he has never allowed refined sugar to control him and believes that moderation is the key to a happy healthy life.
vegetables for dinner

5 things that happen when you quit sugar

For anyone who has a sweet tooth or needs a daily sugar fix to beat the mid day slump, we know it’s not easy to kick the habit.
exercising in the office

Unlocking Motivation, Boost Your Productivity at Work

Christine looks at how draining office work can be and some tips on what you can do to feel better, and hopefully in turn be better at your job!

Are employers doing enough to combat lower back pain?

Lower back pain accounts for a staggering number of sick days taken by employees each year - our motto here is "Prevention is more important than cure".
Sitting at a desk all day

5 tips to keep you Fit & Healthy when you’re stuck at the desk all day

We've put together our list of wellness tricks to keep you supple, mobile & healthy and the best part is you can do them at your desk.

Is pain an output from the body or an input from the brain?

PlatinumPhysio's Ben Doyle discusses how the brain controls the amount of pain received in the body not the opposite way around.
Jennifer Hickey

Shaping up for summer with Jen

As part of our Real Time series we spoke with our Reformer Instructor Jen Hickey about getting summer ready.

Lisa’s 40 day challenge

This year instead of attempting to give something up for Lent Lisa has decided to take on some new healthy habits.

How to kick start Spring wellness….

With spring almost around the corner Barbara looks at how we can feel better and increase those energy levels.

Meet the Team – PlatinumPhysio

We have teamed up with some of Ireland's most respected medical practitioners to bring you the whole health package.

Discipline – the very thing that we must embrace in order to reach our goals

Derek takes a look at how its Discipline that gets you up off that couch, that desk, that car and into a better way of being, of moving, of living.

Staying on track this January

Regardless of what happened yesterday today is a new day and you can make whatever changes you like to your life now.

Getting wedding ready

It's the small changes that count for Christine as she gears up to her big day.