Matt Weldon

Plantium pilates is a key pillar of my week ! I had back issues a few years ago and was trying everything to resolve them and that led me to try Platinum Pilates. Since I began, almost instantly, I saw an improvement and 4 years on I get to two classes a week. The studios are convenient to get to and as I run my own business it is great to get the variety of class times so you can always fit in a class around your schedule. The instructors are first class and challenge and teach you in each class no matter your level.

Saoirse Henneberry

I started going to platinum pilates in August 2018 two/three times a week. Previously for exercise I used to lift weights but since starting pilates with Platinum I no longer go to the gym. I’ve never benefited from a form of exercise more both physically and mentally. The teachers at platinum not only push you to progress each class but truly teach you about the movement, as well as how to engage each muscle- even the small ones! I couldn’t recommend them more for the excellent teachers they have, the gorgeous studios and the range of classes.

Emma Kenny

Since my first PlatinumPilates class in 2014, I’ve been hooked. I’ve seen amazing physical results and come away from every class smiling

Fiona Cooke

I’ve been going to Platinum Pilates for the past 3 years (Stillorgan and Greystones). They have such an excellent group of teachers, and very varied styles, so you can find a teacher that really suits you. All of the teachers have such a good focus on correct form and posture and give everyone individual attention, it’s almost like having a one-to-one session.
I normally book the classes in blocks of 10 on the handy app to get really good value for money. You can also book the 1-month summer classes if you’re brave enough!

Overall, I’ve found Platinum Pilates excellent for my body core strength and for my mental health. I really miss it when I don’t go!

Sabrina Vande Cotte

I joined the Platinum Pilates Reformer classes in Greystones as part of my New Year’s resolution to strengthen my core.  Six months later and I still wake up early on a Saturday morning excited about the class ahead. The teachers are great at motivating you to challenge yourself while keeping it fun.

Clare Mooney

I first started going to classes at platinum 3 years ago to improve posture and get a bit of exercise at the same time. I wish I’d started sooner. I go to class twice a week and while some of the classes are a challenge , they are always good fun and always leave feeling great

Lourda Sexton

When I first started reformer Pilates, I didn’t know what to expect. From the very first moment I walked into the Stillorgan studio, the team at Platinum made me feel comfortable. Three years later, no matter what instructor I go to or class level I attend, the experience continues to be the same and the team at Platinum couldn’t be more professional, knowledgeable and friendly while also keeping the classes challenging and varied. I’d encourage anyone to try reformer Pilates—the changes you’ll notice in your strength, flexibility and posture are incredible and I highly recommend the team at Platinum.

Sarah O'Reilly

I’ve been going to Platinum Pilates for two years and I can’t recommend it enough. The classes give you a full body workout and noticeable results from the start.

The teachers at Platinum are extremely professional, enthusiastic and dedicated to providing classes that will make you sweat in an environment that is fun and enjoyable!