Raise The Barre On Your Workout

A workout that gives you a total body conditioning class with big Ballet Barre Influence.

Our classes are taught by professionally trained dancers to ensure you’re getting the real deal at our studios.

From beginners to advanced

Our Barre Classes

Our classes are taught by professionally trained dancers so they speak, look & move like dancers but don’t be intimidated by that - you don’t need any dance experience to take a barre class.

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Ballet Barre

Platinum Barre is a blend of Ballet, Fitness and Pilates inspired movements done at a calorie burning pace.


This dynamic workout, not only burns fat and calories but will also tone and elongate your muscles, lift your booty and slim your thighs.


Our classes target small muscle groups to really shape & define your body and are set to the coolest playlists in town.


With Platinum Barre you also get cardio workout so be prepared to sweat as you plié. You’ll be working your core as well as your lower & upper body.

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What to Expect

Platinum Barre is a dance based class and you will spend most of the class at the Barre.


No Ballet experience is required to attend this class as you will be taught everything you need to know to get the body of a dancer without the technical effort!


The warm up usually takes place away from the bar with some free flowing moves to get you limber and warm.


We also use props like weights, balls and bands to give you another flavour of movement and really challenge the body in lots of ways. 

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Before you start

You can wear regular Pilates or Yoga clothes to Ballet Barre and you will take this class in your socks. Grippy socks are highly recommended to enhance your workout.


We also encourage clients to bring their own mats for hygiene purposes but don’t worry if you forget yours, we have some at the studios. You are likely to break a sweat so make sure you bring water & a sweat towel.


If you are pregnant please tell our barre teacher at the start of each class so they can modify the movements for you where needed.

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Benefits of Barre

  • Shape & Tone Your Legs & Bum
  • Improve Your Cardiovascular Function
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Improve Your Coordination
  • Work Out To Great Music
  • Increase Your Confidence
  • Improve Posture

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