I am quite strict with my diet 90% of the time so when Christmas rolls around, I have no self control.

It’s only 1 week of the year and within a few days I was craving my fruit and vegetables.

I seriously over indulged at Christmas! I ate everything and anything that was going. All the chocolate, crisps, biscuits and drank maybe a little too much gin.

My stomach is really weak and I suffer hugely with IBS. Within hours of eating foods I normally wouldn’t, I was in a lot of pain- cramps, bloating and just general not feeling good. This didn’t stop me though and I spent a full week going between bingeing and cramping. It was worth it though.

New year, New Me.

Waking up on New Years Day I was a little hungover if I’m honest. Dragging myself out of bed by 9am and taking the dog for a lovely 3.5mile walk along the beach dusted off any cobwebs. I felt super motivated and set myself some goals for the year, long and short term.

From New Years Day on, I slowly reduced my sugar intake but I didn’t go cold turkey as I knew I’d just binge if I did. I had a protein bar when the chocolate cravings kicked in. As soon as I got back to Dublin on Tuesday I went straight to the gym to get a Crossfit workout in.

I did a food shop Wednesday and prepped all my meals for 2 days before heading to Paris Friday. Prepping meals helps me stay on track. I like things to be convenient so it’s handy to have some lunchboxes ready to go with quick meals and snacks I can grab when I need them. I’ve also made sure to drink 2 litres of water per day to aid recovery and reduce dehydration.

Training on Track?

I did a Crossfit style workout Tuesday and spent sometime afterwards doing my mat Pilates exercises. My goal was to try open out my hips and stretch my back. Wednesday was a spinning day, I walked home after the class and didn’t stretch or do any recovery.  I felt it on Thursday so spent the morning stretching and foam rolling.

I headed off to Paris to DisneyLand so the rest of the week was a bit manic.

Week 2 will be better and I’ll be more on track without the distraction of Mickey Mouse!

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