When the team decided to do an “Operation Transformation” for January, I jumped at the chance to join them. I have really let my health and exercise slip by the wayside lately. I am bad at sticking to things and need to be held accountable. Having the rest of the team supporting me should make this a little easier.

I have a few goals in mind. Working full time and having 2 kids I need the help to set my goals and keep my focus. All my clothes are VERY snug on me right now. If I am honest, some I can’t squeeze into at all. I definitely want to drop a dress size or about 7-10lbs.

I’m hoping that after the month I’ll have achieved a good routine that I will carry on with me throughout the rest of the year. Good health is about balance and lifestyle and not about crash diets or crazy exercising regimes that are unsustainable.


I love when I attend Pilates regularly how strong I feel. It effects how I feel about myself mentally and physically and makes all other areas of my physical life so much easier.

My aim is to attend 3 classes at Platinum a week, with one being a Cardio Jump Board. I’ll be encouraging the kids to get into an active mind set also. We will be dragging them along for a hike at the weekends.

One big part of my challenge is to give up alcohol and coffee for January. The benefits of giving up alcohol are tenfold but I have given up coffee before and after the first week I really found my energy levels increased and I have become way to reliant on it of late to give me that artificial lift but it does definitely lead to a drop in energy later on. Having coffee also leads me to having more treats as I just love something sweet with my coffee!

After I have eaten badly or taken alcohol, my sleep is effected. This leads me to go for sweet things the next day when I am tired. So lots of bad habits have just crept in. At the moment I am hitting the snooze button as many times as possible. I am really hoping to get into the habit of getting up much earlier to have a less stressful morning, to include a class or walk before work and to have a proper breakfast.

I am planning on being more organised and bring lunch and healthy snacks into work with me so I don’t make bad choices & save money…..win win!

So I am going to need to ‘Plan & Prepare’!

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