Damy’s Week 1 of Transformation.

6 days in to the Transformation Challenge and I won’t lie, it’s not easy. Breaking bad habits that have become a routine over the last 4-5 months are hard, especially after Christmas. God loves a trier and I’m trying!

Here is a look at my week in review. I am determined that week 2 will be much better.

Tuesday got off to a bad start! The first day back at work fear. It was the first morning in almost 2 weeks that I had set an alarm. I actually had breakfast for the first time in ages and kept it relatively good, Tea and a banana. Lunch was a disaster, I forced myself to have a wrap and it was just not what I wanted. It was full of goodness but my body craved sugar. I had a major slump in energy around 3pm and found it really hard to focus so I caved and had some chocolate (a wispa in case you were wondering). That where it went down hill.  Dinner was a disater, 4 potato waffles and some rich tea biscuits. Exercise, non existent.

Wednesday I woke up feeling much better!I had a great nights sleep. I had a proper breakfast and realized I needed to load up on water as my hydration levels were appalling. Lunch was a fresh salad and for dinner I actually cooked. For anyone who knows me, you’ll know I just can’t (won’t) cook. I made a chick pea and pepper stew. Normally I’d have noodles and garlic bread with it but not today! Topped it off with some cheese (we all have to live!) and washed it down with 1L of water. I even saved some for Thursday (that’s another ordeal!) Exercise – Normally I’d have gymnastics but it was still on Christmas break so I did a 40 minute work-out at home. You can find it on my instagram.


This week is going from strength to strength.

Thursday, As the saying goes, we’re getting better every day! Breakfast again, that ‘s 3 days in a row. I am getting far too smug. Lunch was a soup and salad mix. I went home and took my leftovers from last nights dinner out. I hate, actually HATE, reheated food so this was going to be a struggle. My mother, bless her, can’t cook to save her life, so as a child everything was microwaved or reheated in the oven!! Bravely, I faced my fears and was surprised that I didn’t poison myself. Exercise, I hit the reformer for a good 45 minute workout in Clonskegah.

Friday, Who am I?.. Breakfast again and a somewhat decent lunch. Soup, plain old Tomato but it was yum! Dinner was kept really simple pasta with some pesto and veg. I cooked it myself, which at this rate makes me Jamie Oliver. Exercise, I finally put my runners on and hit the roads for a abysmal 4k run. But it’s a start right?

The weekend was better than the last 6 weekends. Saturday started at 7am with a green smoothie that was so vile I had to lie down. I was convinced I’d poisoned myself. Turns out it was just a load of goodness at once and my system was in shock! Eggs and beans for lunch and then a really nice Chana Masal for dinner. I love Indian food. Sunday was basic food. Light breakfast of fruit and then skipped lunch. Dinner was a vegetarian satay. I left out the rice! Exercise was mixed.

I’m happy enough with that for starting off. I have set myself a target of dropping 3kg this month. The cravings for sweet things aren’t as bad as I thought and once I really get into my routine I’ll be flying consistency is key. I’ve avoided bread, Chocolate and muffins so far this week. The bread is the hardest part!

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