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Platinum Pilates is more than just Pilates. Our commitment to best-in-class services means our senior instructors are highly trained in functional exercises based on in-depth anatomical knowledge.

The fundamentals remain rooted in the Pilates repertoire, so you will be gently coached to find the proper activation and engagement needed before rushing into any movement sequences.

Our senior instructors can provide an array of challenge levels and modifications so you can push yourself or pull back as needed.

Our one-on-one private class approach suits people who are:

  • Busy professionals
  • Newbies who want tips and direction before joining a class
  • In need of post-injury attention

This is life-changing training for any age, any stage. We look at the whole picture – all aspects of your life and develop a class that reflects your personal needs to get you  M-O-V-I-N-G in the right way!

Our one-to-one classes are available at all our studios with most of our team members. Log on to our App and book a class with a practitioner.




The Pink Ribbon Program at Platinum Pilates is a Pilates-based program developed to assist breast cancer patients post-surgery with their recovery. It is widely acknowledged that Pilates is an excellent program to aid in this recovery stage.

This programme has been carefully designed by our Clinical Director, Chartered Physiotherapist Ben Doyle and our Pink Ribbon Programme Specialist, Milena Jaksic-Byrne.

A build-up of scar tissue, protective posturing and the effects of ongoing treatment can mean that day-to-day movements and activities such as shampooing your hair, getting dressed or going about daily activities can be more difficult.

Our classes aid in building up strength and mobility, gradually and safely and are suitable from six weeks post-op.



Book a consultation with our Chartered Physiotherapist, Ben Doyle to assess your suitability. A one-on-one session follows this.

Our qualified instructors will take you through the exercises designed to make everyday activities as easy as they used to be.
We’ll show you how to progressively and gently stretch and strengthen your shoulders, chest and back to regain full range of movement. This reduces the risk of Lymphoedema – a common and debilitating condition associated with removals of lymph nodes.

Then, it’s over to you; we’ll provide some gentle at-home exercises for you to help posture, pain, stress and enhance every levels
There are three different stages to our Pink Ribbon Program, depending on your post-op stage.

Level 1 Pink Ribbon 6 weeks post-surgery

 Level 2 Pink Ribbon 6 – 12 weeks post-surgery

   Level 3 Pink Ribbon 12 – 18 weeks post-surgery

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