Whether you have an acute injury, long-term pain or want to improve your sports performance, our experienced team of Chartered Physiotherapists are here to help.  At Platinum we will help you manage any issues without the need to constantly return to see us.  Together we will get you back on track, pain-free and moving better than before.  Get in touch by emailing, or by clicking below.


At Platinum Physio, we are taking every precaution to provide a safe environment so our patients can focus on their recovery.



Physiotherapy Dublin

Specialist Assessment + Treatment

Not every injury or pain has a simple one-word diagnosis. We are passionate about preventing our patients from becoming reliant on their medical practitioner. We exist to get you back on your feet as safely and quickly as possible.

Clinical Physio in Dublin

Clinical Physio Pilates

A treatment system using our state-of-the-art Pilates equipment. Our Chartered Physiotherapist team use this to treat a wide range of injuries, dysfunctions and conditions.

sports physio dublin

Sports Physiotherapy

We provide a rehabilitation plan or postoperative steps so that you can return to your chosen sport in better physical condition than before your injury.

womens physio dublin

Women's Health + Mummy MOT

Our dedicated Women’s Health Physiotherapists provide in-depth postnatal and women’s health assessments to determine the strength, activation and function of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

sports physio dublin

1:1 Physio-Led Private Reformer Sessions

Our commitment to best-in-class services means our Physio’s are not only expert Physiotherapists but they are also highly trained in Reformer Pilates and can create a bespoke plan for you. 

physio massage

Video Consultations

1:1 Video Consultations and 1:1 Video Clinical Physio Pilates Consultations using our two-way PhysiApp system to assess, guide and treat via movement.






What our clients say

The physiotherapy from Platinum Pilates & Physiotherapy is simply outstanding. I have had several Physio-related issues ranging from sporting injuries to problems with ergonomics. The team at Platinum Physio were able to fix every issue I had without fail. Not only is the quality of the treatment top-notch, but the team provide a warm and friendly atmosphere at all their sites. It’s always a pleasure to visit Platinum Pilates and Physio.


Thanks to Ben I am back running after a 6-year break due to injury! He quickly identified the problem and worked on getting my strength back. His guidance on how to restart training safely, together with a plan of carefully chosen and easy-to-follow exercises to do at home means I am back running pain-free for the first time in years! Thank you.

Caroline Clonskeagh

Ben is an expert in what he does and I 100% trust that I am in safe hands. The level of attention, continuous communication and effort I have received from Ben has put me at ease since my first session. I look forward to working with Ben throughout the rest of my athletic career.

Meaghan Ryan - Athlete

I went to Platinum Physiotherapy suffering from shoulder, lower back and hip pain as well as bad posture. The facilities and equipment at Platinum are wonderful. The physiotherapist I worked with, Sinead was amazing. Her knowledge, expertise and encouragement have helped me to improve all of my presenting issues. Working with Sinead has given me new confidence in my body image and empowered me because I now understand how to work out to manage my body and have good posture.


I couldn’t speak more highly of the treatment I received from Ben over the past few years. It not only fixed my existing injuries but prevent future problems as well through a personalized gym routine. The whole process is very simple, from booking an appointment to getting a gym routine on the app. It’s great to have a physio that genuinely cares about optimising my performance.

Paul O'Donnell - Athlete

The quality of specialist expertise of Ben and Tony in this practice is simply outstanding and by far the best, in terms of effective treatment, I have ever experienced. Their approach is pragmatic and clear, and they always succeed in making a difference.

Fran Minogue

I used to run 150 to 200 kilometres per month before I injured my tendon. The injury came after a half marathon that was too fast for my tendons to handle because I rarely did strength training. Because the pain persisted for another couple of years, I basically gave up running. Ben successfully identified the sources of my injury, which healed after several sessions and months of focused exercises.Not only do I run long-distance again, but Ben also helps me keep the strength, mobility, and stability of my entire body at a high level. This way, I know I have the foundation to do long runs for many years to come!

Marijana Kos

Mary-Kate is warm, caring and extremely skilled at what she does! Bringing our attention back to our bodies after having a baby can be a bit daunting but Mary-Kate immediately put me at ease. With her knowledge and hands-on expertise, she guided me to reconnect with my body and showed me how I can best support myself at home. I would highly recommend Mary-Kate to any woman looking for some much deserved postnatal care.

Shalom Lambert

Physiotherapy Prices

In Clinic Consultations 

Consultation 45 mins €80
Specialist Consultation 45 mins €90
Clinical Pilates 45 mins €90

Digital Consultations 

Initial Online Consultation 45 mins €70
Follow Up Online Consultation 30 minutes €60
Online Clinical Pilates 45 mins €70


We are always interested in hearing from passionate Physiotherapists who share our vision. For more information, visit the link below.