Platinum Physiotherapy

Welcome to our 3 Chartered Physiotherapy Clinics


“Prevention is better than cure – we are all about prehab via movement, not rehab.”

Platinum Physiotherapy is a next-generation Physiotherapy practice combining specialist assessment and hands-on treatment techniques with movement-based therapy.

“Movement is medicine for the body and mind.”

Our goal is to do the simple things well from the start, providing our patients with a platform to achieve results beyond their expectations. We want to provide an environment where each patient can have reduced pain and discomfort, and also improve their overall quality of life and happiness.

Our team of Physiotherapists work across our three clinics and are all highly trained with specialities that range from:

  • Specialist Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment
  • Clinical Physio Pilates
  • Women’s Health
  • Sports Physiotherapy & Massage
  • Sports NCT
  • Corporate Wellbeing Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapists’ main objective is to make our patients feel better and stay better. To do this, we use computer-based apps and programmes to stay in contact with our patients outside clinic hours.

We believe the time outside of the clinic is much more important than the time inside. Our high-tech Apps provide a template to help patients to stay onboard with their exercise plan, helping them achieve their short and long-term goals.

We believe that Physiotherapy should always be applied at the highest standards and that its application should never be substandard.

Check out our Corporate tailored Physio workshops where we come to your workplace with practical workshops for your team. Read more about our corporate approach.



Physiotherapy Prices


Consultation 45 mins €80

Follow up 30-40 mins €70

Specialist initial consult 50 - 60 mins €90

Specialist follow-up consult 45 mins €80

Physio massage 60 mins €90

Physio massage 45 mins €70

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture €90

Clinical Pilates 60 mins €90

Women’s health assessment 60 mins €100

Women's health follow-up 45 mins €80

Mummy MOT 60 mins €100







Specialist Assessment + Treatment

Not every injury or pain has a simple one-word diagnosis. We are passionate about preventing our patients from becoming reliant on their medical practitioner. We exist to get you back on your feet as safely and quickly as possible.

Clinical Physio Pilates

A treatment system using our state-of-the-art Pilates equipment. Our Chartered Physiotherapist team use this to treat a wide range of injuries, dysfunctions and conditions.

Women's Health + Mummy MOT

Our dedicated Women’s Health Physiotherapists provide in-depth postnatal and women’s health assessments to determine the strength, activation and function of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Sports Physiotherapy

We provide a rehabilitation plan or postoperative steps so that you can return to your chosen sport in better physical condition than before your injury.


Want to reduce stress and tension? Maybe you’re training for a competitive event and need tight and sore muscles eased? We offer massage therapy at all of our Platinum Physiotherapy Clinics.

Specialist Clinics + Consultant Referrals

Our specialist clinical assessment is for patients with more complex, long-term musculoskeletal conditions with our most experienced Physiotherapists.