Challenge your body + your mind


There’s no denying the mutual rehabilitation benefits of pairing physical therapy with Pilates. We are Ireland’s only Physio & Pilates company using this method of care, where clients can come and be wholly looked after they are injured, are nervous about starting group classes, or just have niggly pains that need special attention.

Our ecosystem of care is a combined Physio and Pilates approach fusing the skills of medical and movement practitioners to offer clients long-term sustainable fitness regimes that are continually monitored to maximise effectiveness.

This is a tailored-made programme designed by our Clinical Director, Ben Doyle and founder Milena Jaksic-Byrne.

Your wellbeing goes full circle in our care.


1 Injury or pain – see the Physio, get assessed.

2 Rehab – an exercise programme is designed alongside manual Physic treatment. The client moves on to movement patterns on the reformer with a movement practitioner in a one-to-one capacity.

3 Recovery – the client’s movement patterns and progress is assessed by the movement practitioner and referred back to the Physio or moves on to group classes, depending on the pain and discomfort. In some more complex medical cases, they will be referred for a clinical Physio Pilates one-on-one session.

4 Your best self – continue to exercise, move freely and live your best life.

“The whole concept of our system is to ensure that the client has the ability to achieve better health than ever before.

Whenever you come in to us within the cycle of wellness – whether it’s after injury or you want improved sports performance, or you’re stuck in a cycle of fear and avoidance, we want clients to have a better quality of life and be able to manage their injury or pain without the need to constantly return to see their Physio.

This is a seamless pathway to recovery to make the client healthier than they were pre-injury because Pilates will re-train the body and teach people how to exercise correctly, breaking bad habits, getting strong, lean and balanced in order to prevent injury.”

Ben Doyle

Clinical Director, Platinum Physio