The female body goes through so much during and after pregnancy, that’s why our specially crafted classes for prenatal and postnatal offers the support your body needs during this time, in the safest way possible.


Our pregnant workout warriors should have already been with us for Reformer Pilates or Barre classes before they can take these classes. These classes are only suitable for experienced reformer Pilates clients. If you have never done any reformer Pilates classes before, we recommend some one-to-one classes before joining this group class. 

As your pregnancy progresses, your body starts to lean more forward and arching of the lower back happens naturally to compensate for your baby bump, putting more pressure on the back. And that’s where Pilates comes in.

We look at prenatal movement as a nine-month program to prepare your body for the biggest physical event that it will ever go through with a safe, gentle workout that never over-works the rectus abdominis,

We prepare your body with strength and mobility to keep you fit and healthy and with stamina to see you through labour – whether it lasts 2 or 22 hours!

We focus on upper body strength to support your beautiful growing belly and to help your body cope with all that one-arm work that’s about to come your way.

Then, we focus on the pelvic floor, legs and glutes which will not only help during labour but will aid in your recovery too.

*Regular group reformer classes are not suitable for pregnant women at any stage. 

Prenatal Classes



Congratulations! You are a mum.

The next step in your Pilates journey is to have a full Mummy MOT with our Women’s Health specialist Physiotherapist.

We know not everything always goes to plan in the labour ward and some labours take greater toll on the body than others, our Mummy MOT is suitable for all postnatal women who have given birth and want to start exercising again, but may be suffering some of the effects of giving birth like weak pelvic floor, incontinence and pelvic girdle pain.

Our super-safe, gentle class has been carefully designed by our Pilates and Physio specialists. It is suitable for women who have been signed off by their GP, Physiotherapist or following the Platinum Physiotherapy Mummy MOT.

Best of all, you can bring your newborn to class until they are nine months old. They play and gurgle away on the mat as you exercise or can take a little nap while you enjoy some much-needed self-care time.

Postnatal Classes