Corporate Workshops

We bring wellbeing to the workplace


Did you know, our corporate workshops bring wellbeing to your workplace – it’s that easy!

We all know our moods lift when our bodies feel good. And when our bodies feel strong and relaxed, our mental clarity and positivity increases.

Our programms include onsite classes and workshops on health, wellness, movement, stretching, flexibility, stress management and back pain.

We are not like other workplace wellness programmes that focus on how your employees sit and how much to spend on fancy office chairs.

In fact, we don’t believe in ergonomics. We believe true health and wellbeing comes from moving our body in the correct way – because there is NO CORRECT WAY TO SIT, we all have different bodies, different postures.

The key to ache-free bodies is learning how to move, stretch and manage your body while you work and in your everyday life.

When we come to your place of work, we don’t do Pilates classes, and we don’t show you how to sit at your desk.

Instead, we have developed an intricate programme, based on our combined experience working in Pilates and Physio – this is a gentle movement, breathe and stretch workshop with additional more specific workshops if required – all taught in a fun, interactive and engaging way to create a happier space for your employees.


Sound like something for you and your workplace? Our dedicated Corporate Relations and Sales Manager, Una Groogan can help with any queries: or call her on 01 278 9313.

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“The body is always moving - towards ease or disease - our job is to try to move people from DIS-EASE and stress and tension, and towards EASE.”


The Platinum team take the time to understand the way your company works, the flow of your processes, and what makes your company tick.

We help your staff reset their nervous system by empowering them to adopt strategies while sitting at their desks. This helps them feel more comfortable, improves their focus, output and overall productivity.

Awareness leads to movement which leads to exercise which leads to awareness which leads to movement which leads to exercise… and the journey to complete wellbeing of your body has begun…

corporate workshop sitting and posture


The problem is never the desk or the chair, the employee sits on, the problem is people themselves and how they move their bodies in their seats and at their desks!

We teach techniques for the brain to allow the shoulders to drop into their space, without need for involved or complicated stretches or workouts. This shoulder sequence alleviates migraine and headache, head and neck tension and improves concentration.

stress management and breathing corporate workshop


No equipment is needed for this engaging session – all we need is a room to demonstrate how not moving effects stress, pain and dysfunction.

We take 20,000 breaths a day, it’s the most essential aspect of life, it’s the first act of life, and it’s the last, but did you know, sitting and poor posture has a dramatic effect on your breathing. We can improve your teams breathing patterns by introducing little techniques, so they can exercise their breathing system at work, and give it the right attention.

tailored corporate workshops


Your team might need specific workshops in addition to the sitting, breathing and sleep approach. We can arrange additional sessions with a host of our in-house experts in these areas:

Running workshop
Foot and ankle workshop
Lower back pain workshop Managing neck and shoulder tension