Clinical Pilates

Created by our Chartered Physiotherapist in conjunction with our Pilates Rehab Specialists.

"Ben's ability to diagnose and treat simple and complex injuries is second to none and gives me the confidence that if an injury occurs we can manage it and most importantly overcome it, so I can return to field of play as soon as possible".

Jackie Tyrell

Kilkenny Senior Hurler (2003 - 2016)

"I would gladly recommend Ben to any patients looking for a physio they can trust who will not leave any stone unturned to help them recover from their injury and return to activity as soon as possible"

Eoin Larkin

Kilkenny Senior Hurler (2005 - 2016)
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Platinum Breast Care

Our program is specifically designed for Post Breast Cancer Survivors post surgery. This class is suitable from 6 weeks post op and works on mobility and movement in the affected area. This class can be taken as part of a small group or on a one to one basis.
PlatinumPhysio treatment

Spine Clinic

Our Spine clinic is suitable for clients with disc pathologies or clients suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis and other degenerative spine conditions. A gentle mobility class, we work on improving posture, balance & gait without over loading the joints or discs.
Pelvic Floor treatment

Pelvic Floor

Our Pelvic Floor Clinic is suitable for women suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction be it postnatal, menopausal or general weakness or tightness in the pelvic floor area. Our specialist class works on creating a flexible and strong pelvic area that will support and strengthen the lower back and supporting areas.

Physiotherapy consultation

One to One

Our Clinical Pilates Practitioners also work closely with our Chartered Physiotherapists and can work with your condition in a one to one environment. Our practitioners are specially trained in techniques which can help many dysfunctions.

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Our Clinical Pilates Classes have been created by our Chartered Physiotherapist in conjunction with our Rehab Specialists and Clinical Pilates Practitioners

Clinical Pilates Classes can be taken on a one to one basis or in small groups - max of 6 people per class.

Our specially designed programs take into consideration all of the indications of specific injuries & dysfunction and our goal is to improve function so as to help clients return to full activity.

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