Corporate Wellness

At Platinum Pilates & PlatinumPhysio - we are more than just movement experts

We specialise in Corporate Wellness & Wellness in the workplace.

Our team of specialists include Pilates Teachers, Yoga Teachers, Physiotherapists & Nutritionists.

We can cater to companies big & small and whatever the budget or space constraint, we have a program that will work.

Our programs include onsite classes and workshops on health, wellness, movement, stretching, flexibility, stress management, back pain & ergonomics.

We also offer competitive corporate rates for classes & physiotherapy services at our Studios & Clinics.

Good Health is good business...

Some of the key benefits of engaging in a Corporate Wellness Program

Greater Employee Engagement

Less instance of absenteeism due to stress related illness

Improved mood & morale in your company

Increased productivity

Better stress management practice

Carol Grimes exercising
Reformers machines at our Greystones studio
Dearbhla Mitchell
"When I go in to cover another teacher, I always get a little nervous"
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As part of our Corporate Wellness Program we offer

MSK Screening

MSK screening combines industry leading expertise in MSK injury management, to create an assessment that is functional, insightful, mobile based and has a focus on outcomes that can be managed by both at an employee with the help of our expert team.

The employee will also receive a report and a MSK report from our Chartered Physiotherapist that outlines where they need help with targeted rehab delivered through an app and our team.

Postural Assessments

Our Team of Clinical Pilates Practitioners are specially trained to carry out Movement Assessments that allow us to see how your employees move and how their posture both stationary & mobile measure up.

Studies show that poor posture can contribute to a host of illnesses and musculoskeletal dysfunction. Our team can both assess & prescribe actionable exercise programs for your employees to do at home or at the desk to help improve posture & daily function.

Running Workshops

We offer fantastic Pain Free Running Courses with our Running Coach Will Byrne who is an accomplished Triathlete & Ironman.

These workshops are suitable for your employees who are thinking about taking up running all the way up to accomplished Marathon Runners - we believe that anyone can learn to run and this workshop is one of our most popular sessions which also includes a run in the local area with all levels of runners.

Stretching Workshops

We know that people that exercise in groups tend to adhere to exercise longer than those who exercise alone.

Our fun & dynamic workshops are a fantastic way to encourage team building & bonding which providing a very strong take home message of some of the ways to bring more health & wellness into the workplace.

Pilates Classes

We can bring our amazing Pilates classes to your office at a time and day that suits you - our team of teachers are fully insured to come in to your office & take you through some amazing dynamic mat classes.

If you prefer to leave the office for your classes, we have some amazing corporate rates available for companies who want to take classes at our city centre studio.

Sitting Workshops

Research shows that sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your health. But in your working week, it can’t really be avoided. Thats why we have put together an amazing workshop that teaches your employees some really easy things to do whilst sitting at the desk that can help decompress the spine, bring flexibility & mobility to the spine & even improve core strength. Highly recommended by Doctors & Physical Therapists, this workshop can be combined with some of our other workshops.

Stress Management Workshops

We believe small changes are the key to helping people cope with stress & anxiety. Exercise & Diet play a huge role in keeping stress at bay, but developing some mental skills can be hugely beneficial.

We use dynamic imagery as taught in the Franklin Method to help people understand the mental tool box they have available to manage stressful situations.

Franklin Method Workshops

The Franklin Method® teaches dynamic alignment and how to move your body with maximum efficiency to keep your body youthful and energised Your whole body is part of a symphony of coordinated movement. In a sense, your posture is reinvented at every instant.

These workshops teach your employees how to embody function to improve function. Our Franklin Method Educator can tailor workshops to specific groups.

Mindfulness Workshops

Our mindfulness workshops really help break down the barriers on conversation around mental health.

One of our most practical workshops, we teach employees to access their own mental tool boxes in order to understand mindfulness and how to incorporate it into every aspect of their lives.

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