No matter how much mulled wine you drink, there’s no denying that the run up to Christmas can be a bit stressful.

Between frantic online shopping on your lunch break, nearly getting trampled to death in Dundrum Shopping Centre and enough festive family feuds to put you off your turkey, it’s not always the candle-lit day of joy that the John Lewis ads paint it as.

I am so lucky to be in a great job surrounded by health & exercise professionals whose wonderful advice I can seek daily (I know…..dream job!)

I personally struggle with following through with their advice though……..especially at this time of year when we all feel like…’ah what’s the point…..I’ll start in the New Year!!!’

Last festive season I thankfully managed to not wait until the New Year, I was not an angel by any means but I  just tried to stick to a few little strategies and the difference both mentally and physically were twofold.

There’s good news too……….it wasn’t too tough to stick to and it made the start of the New Year so much easier.

Here are a couple of examples………….

Make a plan………

This is paramount……

We have two weeks until Christmas day, with Christmas party’s and other extra commitments we feel we have no time for exercise but if you take 10 mins to plan out when you are going to fit it in you will see there are gaps and you will be much more likely to stick to it.

Get planning peeps…….


Commit to the plan……

Book your classes now…..Better still get a friend or work colleague to book into the same classes and then there really is no getting out of it.

Here at Platinum we have over 300 classes running over the festive season for you to choose from so there really is no excuse….. We are only closed on 24th,25th,26th, 31st Dec & 1st Jan, that’s only 5 of the next 21 days! #cantblameplatinumpilates


Set a goal……

Goals are always a good way to keep you motivated. It doesn’t have to be huge and if it is not realistic you are much more likely to give up and potentially hit the couch and with your selection box.

Last year I set a goal of getting to 8 reformer classes over the Christmas period, I only managed 6 but I know I wouldn’t have done any had I not set a goal of some kind…Maybe aim to move up a Level by January….Eek!!


Be a bit mindful with your diet & Make water your best friend……

You have to live and enjoy the festivities but by just being a little mindful I find it has a knock on effect to how I feel in myself which in turn makes me more likely to stick to my plan to exercise throughout the Christmas season.

It’s ridiculous I know but I personally find the more I splurge the less likely I am to make the right choices…..I know I am not alone here…am I???……hellloooo!!………… Ah….there you are!!



OK enough lecturing for now the rest is down to YOU (no pressure!!)……….BUT……..

There were SO many benefits for me in implementing these few tips throughout the madness. Here are some examples:

-By getting out to a class I got some headspace from the Christmas craziness

-It relieved stress so when I returned to my family I was in much better form and ready for another game of Trivial Pursuit!!

-I felt good about myself and I was guilt free when I dived into yet another box of Ferrer Roche!!

-Most importantly I started the New Year much more positively mentally than that of any other year……it made everything so much easier when heading into the dark days of January………

Give it a try…….get booking now and be that smug, annoying one in work on January 2nd!!


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