Meet Lisa Our Transformation Team Member Number 3

Lisa is taking on our Transformation challenge to increase flexibility and mobility.

I have been competing in sports since the age of 10. I never really put much time into mobility and flexibility. After competing nationally in rowing for over 10 years and Internationally in Tae kwon do, it was clear I was being held back by tightness and a poor range of motion. I have also competed in two Bodybuilding competitions. I never really felt my core strength was as good as it should be.

To add to all this, In June 2017 I had a hernia operated on. I have been nervous training core since.

As a result of all of the above,I really want to improve my core strength and lose my fear of working muscle surrounding where my hernia was. In August this year I discovered Cross fit and have decided to compete in the Cross fit games in March. To

I want to do a minimum of 2 reformer classes per week. That will be on top of 5 sessions which will be a mix of cross fit classes and gym sessions per week.


When I look back at my training history, I can see I never put the effort into recovery. I would often go to the gym, spend an hour doing some really grueling work and then just go home. I get bored really easily. Foam rolling and stretching are not my friends so I know classes are my best way to go. There will be no avoiding the flexibility elements of the class.

I plan to make the most of my afternoons and rest days from cross fit to fit my Reformer Pilates  classes in. I also want to start saving myself 10-15 minutes at the end of my gym sessions to cool down properly and add in my mat Pilates exercises.

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