Ballet Barre, But I’m Not A Dancer! What was I thinking?!

Ballet Barre, But I’m not a dancer, so this can’t be for me. 

Yoga and Pilates are my thing, so what was I thinking of training in Ballet Barre? Have I finally lost the plot? 

I recently completed my Barre teacher training course. The training was interesting, challenging and very much dance and exercise to music based. I loved what I learnt but it gave me a bit of a shock. Naturally I have two left feet and it would normally take at least 7-8 gins to get me up and dancing.

Ballet Barre

Not coming from a dance background, I really wasn’t sure that teaching barre was for me. Feeling  pretty apprehensive and totally out of my comfort zone, probably the same way you guys would feel contemplating your first class. I took a moment and thought back to why I had decided to train to teach Barre. The reason was simple, every Barre class I’ve attended at Platinum Pilate, I had completely fallen in love with. They’re so much fun. No one takes themselves serious. I feel amazing after them. I love the dynamic stretching and getting to feel like the ever so elegant ballerina that I most certainly am not.

Having  an irrational and some what ridiculous fear of losing my breath, running for me is a huge no,no. I couldn’t believe that in Barre classes I was doing cardio without wanting to cry. Each class left me sweaty and breathless and I loved it.

I would strongly recommend Barre to all levels of fitness, all shapes and sizes. You have to promise you won’t take yourself serious. The fun part is just as important as the rest. Come along or come with friends but either way you will leave with a smile on your face and feeling like Beyoncé!

It’s Victoria’s Secret!

Barre is an amazing full body work out endorsed by celebrities and Victoria Secret models! If it’s good enough for them, well it’s good enough for me!

In my Barre classes you can expect creative sequencing with the smoothness of a yoga flow. Throw in some aching abs, jelly legs and a good laugh at all my dad jokes (hopefully), usually it is just me laughing but a girl can dream. The best news is that you don’t need to be able to touch your toes or throw you legs behind your head, Ballet Barre is for everyone.

When picking your next work out, just keep in mind that some of the benefits of Ballet barre are increased flexibility, increased endurance, improved strength and guaranteed smile on your face.

Come and join me and the rest of the barre team for something fun!

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