Bringing Pilates Into Your Life

I love Pilates for so many reasons…

  1. It’s the one exercise I can do no matter how tired, stressed or busy I am and I always leave feeling refreshed and in great form.
  2. It makes me feel strong and limber.
  3. It allows me to switch off for a short period and focus on how my body moves & feels and really concentrate on what my body is telling me.
  4. Taking a class with the amazing teachers of Platinum makes me really work hard and push myself to create better movement patterns my body just absorbs.

When my body moves well, I feel great on so many levels, I run better, I sleep better and I’m just much happier.  But every now and then Im reminded that my Pilates practice creates so much health and strength in my body that I wonder  what state my body would be in without it.

This summer I had abdominal surgery to have hernia repaired and I assumed it was a fairly easy non intrusive surgery.

As soon as I woke I found it painful to breath, cough, laugh and even speak.  The weeks following surgery I became so aware of just how much you use your abdominals every minute of every day.  From simple things like picking something up to turning your head.  I spent the weeks following my surgery back in basic level 1 classes and had to have patience while my body healed.

In many ways it reminded me of building a house.  I had to lay a solid foundation and work through some very basic but powerful movement patterns so that I could successfully work my way into level 2.

Level 2 was where the real change began to kick in.  The Platinum Team have created classes that challenge the body in many ways from core & flexibility to strength of movement.  But I felt with the solid foundation I had achieved in Level 1 that each class I took, I was able for a little more.

Roll on 4 months from my surgery and I believe that I’m stronger than I was before the operation.  My running has improved, I have less occurrence of back pain and Im up for any challenge.

Myself and Will took a quick trip to Killarney this weekend and he had the wise idea of climbing the highest mountain in Ireland, Carrantouhill.

At the top of Irelands highest mountain

At the top of Ireland’s highest mountain

We raced up in two hours using both hands and feet to climb the last third.  We both really felt the benefit of doing exercises like planks, jack rabbits and even pikes to help power us up.  Coming down, that’s when the fun and magic of Pilates really set in.  We shuffled down sideways and needed quite a bit of support from our upper body but our legs really had to come up to meet the challenge.

All those reps of lunges, side leg series and single leg squats came to the rescue.  Balance, control, coordination and a quick step was needed to safely take us down our decent.

We made it and we even managed to break into a gentle jog towards the end.

Quite possibly one best days I’ve had in a while, I highly recommend it.