Damy Delivers On His Goals In Week 5.

Week 5 and I’ve reached my goals for January.

It was all about routine. Learning not to go hell for leather, slow and steady is the key.

Monday, starting the week fresh as a daisy, I was full of motivation. One big change I have made is to make sure I have something in the fridge for breakfast, usually a smoothie. Starting the day like this ensures I am not hitting the tea and biscuits at 11am. Lunch is just a simple soup, which is plenty. Dinner, I had my vegetarian pasta bake. It is simple to make. It would have gone nicely with some garlic bread, but I’ve put “Fat Damy” away for now! Exercise wise, I got a walk in after work and then hit the core when I got in. My sleep is also so much better these days. I am convinced it’s down to the lack of alcohol at weekends and the decrease of rubbish in my diet. That or I’m just wrecked going to bed!

Tuesday, same routine with my diet. Light breakfast, soup for lunch. For dinner, I’m obsessed with the kale and quinoa burgers from Strong Roots. They are amazing. I had 3 of them and some sweet potato fries with a side salad. Exercise wise, If I’m honest, was dire. I had all intentions of doing a run but convinced myself the blister on my heel was far too big and I just couldn’t risk it. Instead I watched Hollyoaks!

Wednesday, I skipped my early morning run, again blaming my blister. In my defence, it was a big blister! I had gymnastics that night and we did push ourselves hard. I’m trying to mix it a lot more at my training sessions, so everything is getting a workout. Diet wise, same as the last few days. Basic meals, small portions and no junk. I did have a star bar (my one weakness!) with a cup of tea that night.

On The Home Stretch!


Thursday, as always being my long day, I risk falling off the wagon. Building a steady routine has been key and I’m in the habit now of not eating between classes. My diet has stayed consistent. I always get the vegetarian cobb salad in Gotham before my classes and find it fills me enough for the night. By the time I get home at 10.30pm I have zero interest in food. I managed some beans on toast. It was easy and convenient. I stayed back after class to do 20 minutes of my own Reformer practice.

Friday, I was on a corporate day so didn’t get to eat breakfast or lunch. When I got a break I scoffed down a massive peanut butter cookie and tea and enjoyed every crumb. I didn’t regret it one bit! I missed training that night as I was late home, but I did do a small core workout and stretch at home.

Saturday, My favourite time of the year, Six Nations! I walked down to the local to meet friends for the match, which I felt justified the few pints during the match! I was also sure to eat really sensibly to balance out the alcohol and didn’t end up in a Mc Donalds or a chipper at 2am!

Sunday, with another trip west, I was sensible with my food choices and avoided snacking on rubbish in the car.

Wrapping Up January.

The best thing about this transformation for me was building a sustainable routine. It was about learning how small steps can have a big impact. I have created time in my schedule for movement, be it Pilates, walking or running. I’ve learned to make sensible diet choices and not to be so hard on myself if and when, I fall off the wagon. It really is all about moderation and consistency for me.

My goal was to drop 3.3kg and I am almost 3.9kg down! I am really happy. If I can just maintain it now I’ll have those Summer abs in no time!