Damy Recaps Week 2 of Platinum Transformation.

As the second week started, all I could think about was Chips and Bread, Oh how I was missing bread!

Entering into Week 2, I was feeling motivated and had a ridiculous sense of smugness about myself. I’ve set my goal of 3kgs in the month so need to stay focused.

I managed to write out my plan in advance for the week ahead and like any “New Year, New Me” band wagon joiner, I was going to let everyone know how amazing I was!

Monday got off to a relatively OK start. Diet wise I was on track, I hadn’t prepped anything except checking out what the soup was in the local deli, Tomato and Basil. Sorted! I got my first fix of Pilates thanks to John and I braved Tesco to do my “Big Shop”. It seemed everyone else had the same idea. There wasn’t a lump of spinach to be found. I had looked up a few new vegetarian recipes in advance, even I can’t live on chick peas forever and had a fair idea of how my weeks dinners would be. For Dinner, I had a kidney bean pasta bake, which I cooked myself. I also made some vegetable soup for lunch the next day. (It was vile!)

Tuesday wouldn’t be much to write home about. The Nutri-bullet got another go and I had a green smoothie in the Evening. Dinner was a delightful vegetable stir fry. Quick and easy. Exercise wise, I did a workout at home. The weather was horrid so once I was in the door there was no way I was leaving again.

Mid Week Smugness kicks in.

Wednesday, My smugness reached ultimate levels. The alarm was set for 5.30am and I was out the door by 6am for a 5k run. Knowing I’d be able to post it on EVERY social media platform was the main motivation for getting around the block at that hour. I actually enjoyed the early morning run. It just sets me up for the day. I also went to Gymnastics that night for a double dose of working out. Diet wise, It was really good. Green smoothie after my run, healthy pita for lunch and then pasta, green beans and pesto for dinner.

Thursday, feeling like a bus had hit me, I dragged myself into Pilates at 10.30am with Milena, I’m still sore. Thursdays is always a mad day for me food wise as I teach late. I had a salad at about 4pm and then nothing until I got home at 10.30pm. Thursdays food intake is one I really needed to change. I’d normally have beans on toast when I get in and it could be 4 or 5 slices of toast. That’s all gone. It’s a proper dinner now.

Friday, For the first time ever I listened to my body. I had planned a run, but when the alarm went off at 5am I was still tired so I rolled over and went back to sleep. I needed it. My problem is always going too hard, too fast. I get tired and then loose motivation. Diet wise, another good day. I missed lunch but had a hearty bowl of chick pea stew for dinner. No alcohol. I feel like a Saint!

Dry January!

Saturday literally started with a bang. I was so excited to get up at 7am for Pilates with Kate that I headbutted the wardrobe and cut my head open. To make myself look tough, I’m pretending it’s a “rugby injury”. I got the class in but just felt rotten all day. I took to the couch and watched a lot of Netflix. For Dinner, I ventured out into the real world. To stay on my “Dry January” buzz I drove. I had a massive plate of nachos, vegetarian of course

Sunday, recovering from my head wound I went wall climbing. I did have a big chocolate drink afterwards and loved every minute of it. It was delicious. Diet was good for the rest of the day, no junk food and no wine. Sunday would be the day I’d normally go for brunch and have wine.

I am loving the meal prep and the lack of junk food in my diet. I am really craving bread and chips though, it’s all I can think of! I’m never really one to go by the scales but I am down 1.6kgs in 10 days, which I am pretty happy with!

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