Damy’s Back On Form For Week 4.

After falling so hard from grace, I had a renewed level of motivation.

Week 3 might have beaten me but Week 4 was mine for the taking.

I won’t lie, Monday I woke up feeling full of shame and pretty icky. After the weekend of debauchery I was well and truly holding my tail between my legs! I gave myself a pep talk and got my diet back on track. Breakfast was a green smoothie, Spinach & Apples. It’s actually getting easier to drink them in the morning and it does fend off the 11am slump for tea and cake. Lunch was just soup, tomato and basil. It did the trick. Dinner was a pure delight of just vegetable stir fry. I was dehydrated from all the alcohol so I made a massive effort to drink 3 litres of water that day. Exercise, I did a workout at home, a mix of lunges, squats, HIIT and some core.

Tuesday, I woke up feeling meh. I always find my sleep is vile the second day after drinking. I was still motivated and kept my diet in check for the day. Smoothie for Breakfast, Soup at lunch and Chick pea stew for dinner. Still feeling dehydrated I got in my 3 litres of water. Exercise wise, I parked further away from the office so I had to walk there and back to my car. I also did some flexibility work that evening (While watching Hollyoaks!).

Hump Day Happiness.

Wednesday, I was back on track. My early morning run went to 6k and even the dark, wet morning couldn’t stop me. Breakfast and lunch were the usual of smoothies and soup. I find it’s filling enough. Although with the running I do feel the urge to eat more. That evening, I did my usual 90 minutes of gymnastics training, Flexibility, Tumbling and some bar work. I wrapped the night off with pasta and pesto.

Thursday, My long day, was just as successful. Diet wise I stayed on track. I normally eat a lot between classes but have got out of that habit. If I get hungry I have a small handful of nuts instead of the bag I would normally have. This has definitely made a difference. Dinner was just a stir fry. Exercise wise, I went for a small jog in the park and hopped up on the Reformer after classes and did a 20 minute workout.

Friday, I feel like my smugness is returning, have I learnt nothing! Diet and exercise were awesome. I went to gymnastics training again and worked up a sweat. Dinner was my one pot wonder of chick pea stew. Nothing to rave about but it does the job!

Weekends bring Temptation.

Saturday, I took my early morning class with Kate, as always, the only way to set yourself up for the day. I had a few “grown up” jobs to do during the day and that evening I went for dinner with Friends (the same bad influences who lead me astray the week before). We couldn’t do to much damage as we were going to the cinema, but dinner was a treat of Mexican guacamole and pizza. I had popcorn at the movies and I won’t lie, and there might have been a glass of wine. After the movie we went for a night cap, a social one, but I walked home afterwards and felt great.

Sunday, I was heading west again but this time I was prepared. I had breakfast before I left so when I stopped for petrol I didn’t raid the shelves of everything! As I was coming back that evening, I was good to avoid doing too much damage. I went for dinner that evening but kept it clean with vegetarian spring roles and a vegetarian curry.

I hit my target of losing the 3.3kgs I wanted to shed. I’ve realized it was just bad habits that had become routine and that I can make small changes that have a big effect. I have one week left and I hope going into February that I can continue on with the progress I’ve made. For me, bad habits and an increase in activity has been the key. I’m allowing myself a little treat here and there but I am so aware how important it is to move.