Damy’s ditching those lazy food habits!

For me, This Challenge is all about consistency. I have the best of intentions but the sticking power of dry stamp. It’s time to put a plan in place and stay true to it.

I’ve always considered myself active and fit, but I also still think I am 21 so time to face up to reality. I can’t eat what I want and hope I can burn it off the next day with a run or quick spin class. Those days are gone.

When it comes to food, I’m an “all or nothing” type of guy. I can go hours without eating and then once those flood gates open there is no stopping me. One biscuit can turn to 8, as easily as 1 slice of toast can lead to 4. With the Industry we work in, there are no set meals times for me and this plays havoc with my weight. Dinner is always after 9pm, which means I am still full in the morning leading me to skip breakfast. I’ll grab lunch and then if the munchies kick in I’ll graze on whatever is most convenient. It’s a viscious circle that I plan on ending with the Challenge.  I will now aim to prep food in advance and have better set meals times. Bringing fresh salads and soups for lunch will be part of my plan.

food dishes

Another part of my food challenge will be to prepare more. I need to sit down at the start of the week, do a “big shop” as my mom would say and plan my meals. This will help me regulate my eating habits. It will also cut out the ease of getting a take out if there is a fridge full of food. Hands up, when it comes to food I’m lazy. 2018 will be about positive food changes.

Biscuits, treats and all thing sweet are my downfall too. So like Liz, I’ll be waving bye bye to them

When it comes to exercise I am so inconsistent. I go in full steam and then tend to drop off just as quick. I do train, but I know I could push it so much more. My goal is to take at least 3 classes a week, Including Cardio Jump Board. If I can push it to the 4th class then super. I bit the bullet and decided to do the Marathon again this year. I’ve never really taken it serious, so this year I am hoping to cut a fair what off my time and dedicate myself to a proper training plan. As a result of this I have seen and increase in body weight. If I can get the scales to drop 2-3kgs that will be awesome.

I am excited about this Challenge and look forward to sharing it with you all.

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