Damy’s Week 3 Recap, Smug Factor 100.

Week 3 was a success of epic proportions, Until the Weekend, but wagons were made to fall off!

I knew going into Week 3 I was far to smug and a fall from grace was just around the corner!

Monday started off super. Fresh as a daisy from an alcohol free weekend, I was up before the alarm. I had bags of energy. This was a nice change compared to other Mondays in December. Breakfast was a smoothie of spinach, banana and blue berries. Lunch was a vegetarian wrap with lots of greens and peppers. I tried to stay off the Tea as much as possible because I always crave biscuits. Knowing how important water is, I loaded up on it throughout the day. I failed miserably at my run that evening, managing a rubbish 3.5k in the rain. Every little helps though. Dinner was the usual stir fry, minus the rice.

Tuesday, was a basic enough day. Food wise, I was good. I missed breakfast and had a sugar craving at 11am. I had tea and treated myself to a star bar. Quickly kicking myself back to reality, I had soup for lunch and a really healthy chick pea balls for dinner, similar to falafels.

Wednesday, The alarm went off at 5am and I was on the roads to get my run in before dawn. Knowing I could be obnoxiously smug on social media was the main motivation for getting around at that hour. I ate really well today. Breakfast was a smoothie, Lunch was soup and a salad and Dinner was a delicious stir fry with ginger and garlic. I also went gymnastics training and did plenty of conditioning. I swear I can see 1 ab muscle right now, only 5 more for the 6 pack.

Weekend on the horizon, there’s a storm a brewing!

Thursday is always a long day, I skipped Breakfast and had a wonderful class with Emma in Stillorgan. Lunch was my usual cobb salad. Dinner was a small bowl of pasta with pesto and greens. I teach until 10pm so it was near 10.30pm by the time I got home. Craving sugar, I almost went to the shop and bought a lucozade. I resisted.

Friday, I was a all over the place in the morning and then we had a meeting in Sandymount with the entire team. That meant plenty of tea and biscuits! My fall from grace was beginning and it was a steep, slippery slope I was on. I had 2 hours of gymnastics training that night, Followed by a chick pea stew.

Saturday, I was out of bed by 7am for Kate’s class at 8am. It’s the best way to to start the day. Sadly, that was the only good part of my day. We had a promotion in Dundrum all day, so I spent most of my time drinking tea, which lead to treats and really didn’t eat properly. By 6pm I was all set to give in an order chips when my pal called and invited me over for dinner. I was too far gone at that stage to say no, so over I went for a whopper glass or 2 of wine, bye bye Dry Janaury, and a steak! I mean if you’re going to fall from grace do it in style!

Sunday, was no better! I had to travel to Galway to see family. Once I stopped for petrol, I had pretty much everything in the shop. Sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks, nothing was safe with Fat Damy on the prowl. I had no proper food until I got back that evening. With nothing in the fridge, I had to order a Chinese. I was pretty good. Vegetable Satay with Rice.

Lessons Learned, Don’t be smug!

I knew I was being too smug for my own good. It was destiny to fall off the wagon! The main thing is  that I am refocused. I have dropped 2.7kgs which I am delighted with, so I must have been doing something right!

With the end of January insight, I really feel like I have made positive changes that I can carry forward.