Add just 5 minutes of Pilates to your day

The great thing about Pilates is that you can do it almost anywhere and even as small an amount as 5 minutes a day, can have a dramatic impact on your health & wellness.

audrey on reformerPilates movements are designed to bring wellness & promote health & healing in your body and move you away from disease.

Joseph Pilates 3 guiding principals were Whole Body Health, Whole Body Commitment & Breath, therefore the technique was designed to get all of your body systems talking better and communicating better with each other.

So when your body is out of sync because you have back pain, are stressed out or a carrying a little extra weight, what it really means is the systems in your body, that were designed to work harmoniously are all off line.

The great news is that a few basic Pilates movements every day can start to reconnect the different body systems to help move you towards a more healthy place.

4 Reasons to add 5 minute Pilates to your day

  • It’s a great way to shake off the cobwebs of a bad night sleep.  
    There’s no doubt about it we all wake up a little stiff and achey in the mornings so by rolling out your mat and working through a 5 minute Pilates routine you will feel amazing right before breakfast.  

    The discs in your spine dehydrate over night and movement is one sure fire way to get your discs buoyant and hydrated again.Healthy Spine

  • It can get your metabolism off the flying start.  
    People tend to forget that Pilates is a form of resistance exercise.  And it’s well documented that resistance training helps build lean muscle that will power your metabolism more than any other exercise program.  

    So give your metabolic rate the kick start it needs first thing by getting down onto your mat and doing some Planks, Twists & Hundreds.

  • Do it in the evening to help you stave off that sweet treat you’ve been craving since dinner.
    When your sweet tooth kicks in the best thing to do is a little exercise.  Exercise has been shown to curb your appetite and sweet cravings for a period.  You might be less tempted to reach for the sweet jar after a 5 minutes Pilates Ab Blitz.
  • It will help you sleep incredibly well. 
    5 minutes of Pilates before you go to bed will have a calming effect on your nervous system.  It’s also terribly effective for relieving stress of the day.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates this Autumn

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