3 weeks in and a total of 7kgs of weight loss.

Another great week under my belt and everything is falling into place. Training and diet are where I want them to be.

With everything going well, this week I’m focusing on detox. I am trying to pick one new habit each week to add to my program. Other than aiding weight loss, taking a detox has other benefits too including supporting digestion, promote skin health and boosts your energy and mental health.

For Christmas, Lisa’s mam bought us a slow cooker and we use it for everything.  For my evening meals, I am still having a high intake of vegetables with a low portion of carbohydrates. This increases my micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals. With a lower intake of carbohydrates in my meals I can burn more calories in my workouts. So it’s really a win win.

Monday, I started off the morning with a slim bagel with sun dried tomatoes and salmon. For dinner I had chicken, vegetables and baby potatoes with chilli spice, all made in the slow cooker. I took my dog, Lucy, for a walk around the Royal Hospital in Donnybrook. Lucy has so much energy that she needs a decent walk every day.

Tuesday, It’s my day off and I like to catch up on things. I decided to go out for breakfast and had Eggs Benedict. It was so nice. For dinner I had healthy fajitas wraps made with chopped peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken and spice. Training wise, I had a hard session in Cross fit. I had a skills session which focused on power cleans and I threw in some front squats. I love leg work!

Hitting Hump Day Hard!

Wednesday, I made an omelette with cheese, tomatoes and some pesto for breakfast. Dinner was cauliflower rice from Aldi, which is only 55cals a bag, with turkey and vegetables. Training wise, I did a 45min Spin class followed by Cardio Jumpboard with John. I was better prepared this week so I knew what to expect. Even though it was still challenging, my movement was better. I am really seeing the benefits of everything now.

For breakfast on Thursday, I made eggs mixed with leftover turkey from Wednesday, on slim bagels. Today’s training was a class at Cross Fit. I gave myself a challenging workout. Two things I’m not comfortable with are running and pull ups. Today’s work out had both of them. It was what I needed to take myself out of my comfort zone.

Friday, Breakfast was porridge. I’m adding in blueberries, cinnamon, apples, and nuts. With these extras added to my porridge, they are helping boost energy and increase my vitamins for the day. We made a homemade Shepherd’s pie in the slow cooker. The slow cooker is amazing and dinner tasted delicious. I’m also drinking green tea in the morning and at night before bed. Training wise, I took a spin class.

This weekend we did absolutely nothing! Just Netflix and Chill all weekend. It was really nice, and although we had some treats on Saturday night, I didn’t over indulge and felt really refreshed facing into week 4.

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