Elaine Explains why she’s on our Transformation Team

When this idea was put forward in Platinum HQ, my interest was definitely piqued. It wasn’t hard to say yes.

The concept of logging the personal journey to a healthier, trimmer and more mobile body, that our clients could draw some inspiration or new knowledge from.

FitI have learned that with age comes wisdom. The annual New Year’s resolutions habit, for me, is nowadays more about reconfiguring my health & fitness, and restoring a better foundation on which I can build a fitter body.

There are many amazing upsides in my line of work. However the one downside, ironically, can be an inconsistency to my own training. From my busy diary with clients and dashing between studios teaching, My own training takes a back seat.

For me, these training inconsistencies, manifest as muscle imbalances. These give me recurrent Back stiffness, gnarly SI Joint issues (always a sign my foot has slipped of the pedal training-wise) or that feeling of decreased fitness & vibrancy.

My goals for Platinum Operation Transformation are primarily restorative, a sort of Body Re-Boot!  I definitely want to have more shapely thighs in my Sweaty Betty and Lilybod leggings for Springtime 2018!!

My training program will consist of a personalized exercise routine, integrating fascial release work & stretching. I am joining in the local 5km Park Run each Saturday. This will help reinstate my stalled running routine. I also intend to compliment this with 2 Barre Classes a week with some of our amazing Barre teachers at Platinum, to spice up my training with something different and help put endurance in my running legs! I’ll also be slotting in a Cardio Jump Board class too. Why not!

Of course, good nutrition fuels the body! Aside from the inevitable indulgence at Christmastime, my diet is generally quite good. A woeful lack of fruit, and a caffeine habit that could do with some curbing are my 2 bad habits I’ll be working on. I will be endeavoring to support my Operation Transformation quest with fruit-based blends & desserts for replenishment

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