Elaine’s Platinum Transformation week 1 recap.

I have to admit, this year I had a relatively quiet Christmas, social-wise, so that definitely helped hinder the Christmas inclination to over indulge!

My biggest binge over the festive period is Christmas Day itself. My husband, children & I, do 2 Christmas dinners – Yes, 2!!!.. (- you know, to save hurting familial feelings and the like)..

Returning to work 27th December, kind of dictated I enjoyed a hangover-free Christmas, so I didn’t find myself reaching for the usual salty, fatty post-booze-up nibbles.

OK, well now I am going to sound sad, but after a tame Christmas, I decided this year to welcome 2018 with a long, warm bath and an early night (10.30 p.m. to be specific!). I must say, that was a first! I woke up New Years  Day well rested, feeling refreshed and embracing the enthusiastic clean start a New Year brings.

How’s my diet going?

Diet-wise, I didn’t commit to adhering to any particular dietary plan, or make any huge changes apart from simply tidying up a few habits which were becoming more harmful than good . Specifically falling drastically short on my fruit intake and sipping far too much coffee in an attempt to keep warm and pepped up on the winter days.

My good friend and fellow Platinum teacher, Derek, introduced me a to Natures Plus, ‘Source of Life Gold Liquid’. Derek raved about it’s effectiveness as a Multi Vitamin supplement. I have stored it in my fridge since and looked at it each time I’ve opened the fridge door! Believing his earnest promises of superhuman levels of vitality and gorgeous shiny hair, (and our Derek does have gorgeous, shiny hair) and I cracked open the bottle to give it a whir. Hopefully my daily capful will go some way to undoing the effects the fruit famine in my diet has caused. I am also hoping it gives me a much needed vitality boost in these cold January days.

My appetite each morning normally prefers a breakfast of just 2 strong coffees – not, admittedly, the most nutritious start. I have managed to force myself to have a small breakfast bowl of Porridge oats. I have also settled for just 1 strong coffee in the morning.

Have you stuck to any training goals yet?


I have eased myself in kindly! This week I registered onto www.parkrun.ie which is a fabulous free Running event, holding weekly 5km Run/Jog/ Walks in various Dublin City Parks.These take place every Saturday. It is a terrific way to get your whole family, or your pals, exercising together outdoors, without it being competitive. I wanted to really take a beginners approach back to my running.

My #platinumtransformation is about correcting the problems I feel have been hindering my running progress. Self diagnosing is ultimately a time-wasting exercise, so on January 3rd I booked in with our own Clinical Lead Physio, Ben Doyle, for a proper assessment of my pelvis & hips. This unexpectedly turned into a Dry Needling session. This was to help to release some trigger points in my over-worked Piriformis muscles! Along with that, my glutes are fairly imbalanced – I have good strong smaller glutes (Medius & Minimus) but little activation in those bigger rounder guys at the back – the glute Max! Fortunately, it does not appear to be the pesky structural SI Joint issue. Being a musculo-skeletal issue, I have greater capability to influence & improve. Once I do my physio homework, Trigger Point Release followed by stretches followed by glute activations.

This week I took in 1 Barre Class with the eternally effervescent Laura Anne, a Level 3 Reformer John. 3 homework sessions topped off my week.