Elaine’s Week 3 Was All About The Flu!

Week 3 had one theme only for me – FLU!

Thankfully not the antipodean variety going aroun, but there was children’s flu, Mom’s Flu, Man’s Flu (need I elaborate any more on that one girls?) and Mom’s Cars’ Flu.

In a nutshell, this Pilates-teaching mom had a week that went bonkers and nothing went to plan.


2 sick, mopey, children yielded a whole week of broken sleep, cruel tiredness and a return to the copious litres of coffee needed to get me through the day. On the upside however, my own sore chest and drying throat did spur me each evening to have a supper of Vitamin C-laden fruit salads, and a hot drink of Manuka Honey and lemon, in an effort to rehydrate my system from the constant sneezing, coughing and coffee abuse.


With mom’s car stretchered off to the local repair garage, we were 1 car down. This presented all sorts of logistical obstacles and constraints for the household. All my plans for some gym sessions, Reformer & Barre classes went out the window. Exercise-wise, literally the repetitions of exercises I demonstrated in class this week, was my exercise this week.

Physiotherapy Work

The only part of my plan I really stuck to was my Dry Needling appointment with Platinum Physio on Wednesday. I know this is helping get to the root (literally) of really deep hip muscle tension that is difficult for me to release out myself.

The best part of this week – because you’ve got to find the positive in everything right!? – was it flew past. I suddenly found myself starting Week 4, feeling better and ready to take up where I left off at the end of Week 2.

What’s the message?

Sometimes Life is going to get in the way of our best laid plans or intentions. Don’t give up and throw in the towel completely, Look for an upside in what outwardly appears a disaster!

‘Patience and Persistence are vital qualities in ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour’

Joseph Pilates