Check out this 15 minute mat based workout

​Summer holidays beckon us and we couldn’t be more excited.

A lot of us will not be able to hit the gym every day due to tight schedules and lack of access to the gym so we’ve come up with a 15 minute mat based workout that you can do on your hotel room floor.

  • 4 x roll down (big belly breathing)
  • 4 x roll down to plank hold for 15 seconds each time
  • 20 x half plank tricep pushups
  • 20 x 4pt kneeling arm reaches forward (both sides)
  • 4pt kneeling single leg reach back and 30 x LIFTS (both sides)
  • Side lying 30 x leg lifts (top leg then bottom leg, both sides)
  • Lying on back – 3 x 20 crunches (knees bent, feet on floor)
  • Lying on back – legs in tabletop – 20 x toe taps
  • Lying on back – 2 x 20 single leg stretch (flexion optional)
  • Lying on back – 2 x 20 criss cross
  • 10 x bridge – holding at top each time for 3 breaths
  • Stretch for 2 mins

Try and complete the workout once a day to feel toned as you step onto the beach and walk straight back into your regular reformer classes when you arrive home as if you never left!

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