Why there is so much to gain from a new Pilates teacher

The body wants what the body wants. When we get into our flow with Pilates and we find our favourite teacher it can be really unnerving when we get a substitute.

No matter how hard we try to like the new teacher and give them a chance to make an impression, they often fall short of our expectation.

"When I go in to cover another teacher, I always get a little nervous"

“When I go in to cover another teacher, I always get a little nervous”

This is not a reflection of the teacher believe me.

I’ve been teaching exercise & movement for almost 20 years and with hundreds if not thousands of hours under my belt, when I go in to cover another teacher, I always get a little nervous.

Mostly because I know my style of teaching may not fit the expectation of the clients coming to the class.

It’s like buying the same brand, style & size of shoe over and over. The worn ones feel comfortable and fit in all the right places. But the new pair feel tight, restricted & less flexible.

However, after just a few wears, the new pair feel even better than the old worn pair. They offer more support & they feel great.

It’s the same as trying out a new teacher – The first time you take class with a teacher you may not be familiar with the language they use to describe movement. You may also not be familiar with the exercise selection they bring to class and lastly you may not like the movements they require you to do.

Hayley taking a reformer class

And so the natural course would be for you to make a decision that you won’t go back to that teacher.

However – you could ask yourself a few questions – what can I learn from this teacher? Why do I not like the specific exercises the teacher has selected? What could I gain looking at movement the way the new teacher looks at it?

Your body likes to do what it is familiar with, it likes to sit in its comfort zone. Your body dislikes change, challenge and intensity – However we know that in order to make healthy changes in our body and to our health – we have to push the boundaries of our comfort zone and we have to challenge by taking the body to unfamiliar places.

It is the unfamiliar zone that will bring about amazing change to your body. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Get The Best From Pilates.

So the next time your usual Platinum Pilates teacher is missing in action and another amazing substitute shows up to teach – just imagine you’re trying on a new pair of shoes.