SMALL-CHANGESWith Christmas just around the corner we thought November 1st was the perfect time to get you motivated & inspired to create some really positive health edits to your life.
We know drastic diets and detoxes don’t work and never ever give you long lasting results.
But what we do know is incorporating really small hassle free edits in your daily routine can be the game changer in your quest to losing a few pounds, feeling healthier, sleeping better and having more energy.
The great news is there is no need to starve yourself or deprive yourself in any way.
Our amazing team have come up with 6 no nonsense weeks of small changes for you to incorporate into your day to have you feeling amazing right in time for Christmas.
Starting from tomorrow Milena, Hayley, Audrey, Annie, Jade & Kaman will bring you a week each of small edits, from recipes, to health tips to great ideas in the kitchen and advice on how to stay healthy when eating out.
What’s more you can join in on our small changes campaign by tweeting about the edits you are making to create positive change just in time for Christmas.
You can tag us @platinumpilates and use #smallchanges

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