This week was busy but I managed to stay on track despite the madness.

I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made and feel everything really came together.

Monday, knowing I had a million and one jobs to get done, I got up super early (5am). I threw some meat, vegetables and baby potatoes in the slow cooker. Preparing food in advance is key to staying on track. That evening I did a Cross fit workout. It was a mix of strength training, conditioning and all out max effort cardio on the rower to finish. Feeling shattered after training, I skipped out on stretching. Once home, I had a protein shake and a bowl of oats.

Tuesday was another hectic day. I did a massive spring clean and rearranged the whole apartment. Cleaning is hard work! Today is my rest day, but I felt the urge to do some stretching. I did some glute, hamstring and hip mobility exercises and some stretches for my back and shoulders to ease them out.

Cross Fit Weights

Wednesday, thankfully, was less stressful. Taking advantage of the lack of work I had to do after classes, I got into my pyjamas and threw myself in front of Netflix for the afternoon. It was just what I needed. I felt relaxed and ready to go again that evening. I went to Cross fit that night,which was a circuit conditioning workout. It took every ounce of energy I had and there was nothing left in the tank after class. Feeling ready for bed, I skipped my stretch in favour of hot shower and sleep!

Thursday morning, feeling guilty for not stretching the night before, I put on YouTube and followed a yoga flow workout. I had a pretty poor nights sleep. My body was achy. I don’t think I had had enough carbs to fuel my workout on Wednesday. After having my usual breakfast of eggs, salmon and a bagel.

Training and Traveling.

Friday, I took an instructor only class with Milena in Stillorgan. If I’m honest I wrote, deleted and rewrote about a million messages to Milena asking if she wanted to give my place to someone else. I was so nervous of how bad I would be. My ankle was weak and I was aware of how little core work I had done since my surgery. Nevertheless, I did it. I felt great afterwards and so motivated to get into more classes to teach my body how to move again. I went for a nice walk with the dog when I got home and then packed up the car and headed to Cork.

Traveling home takes me 3.5 hours and this usually means an unnecessary amount of coffee and snacks in the car. I bought two protein bars and packed 2 lunch boxes full of vegetables and meat to avoid the usual bad snack attack.

The weekend was spent enjoying time with my family. My mam loves to cook for us. Gorgeous Clonakilty blackpudding burgers, shepard’s pie and lots of bold treats ensure any good intentions go out the window. We went for two long walks with the dog along the beach. Being home meant that there was no time for Pilates or stretching, but truth be told, the rest was amazing. I was refreshed and ready to go for another week once I got back to Dublin.

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