What Makes Pilates The Perfect Conditioning Program For Runners

Sometimes it’s hard for people to grasp just how amazing Pilates has the power to be

Most of us know the basics – Pilates gives you a good core; Pilates helps with flexibility; Pilates is a great mindbody workout.

So what makes it so special for runners?

Can Pilates make you faster? Can Pilates make you lighter on your feet? Or can Pilates help you run for longer? In effect the answer is yes to all of the above.

Pilates is no longer about isolating core muscles or targeting one area of the body. Modern day Pilates, specifically Reformer Pilates, has a much more integrated approach and you can expect to get a much bigger focus on mobility and integrating the whole body in your Pilates class.

There’s a huge shift in thinking when it comes to making people more efficient in running and one of the places running coaches, Physical Therapists & Physios are looking is at peoples feet & their gait i.e, the way they bear weight on the lower extremities.

pilates and running

How our feet respond to the ground and how they interact with the rest of the body whilst running, indicates hugely, just how efficient we will be at running. And depending on the goal of the runner – i.e. we want to run a marathon or a 10K, if the feet cannot organise themselves well, we may never be successful at reaching our running goals. The bottom line being, lack of efficiency means early fatigue,injuries or discomfort.

So, still wondering where Pilates fits in?

Footwork is a huge part of a Reformer Pilates Class. It often makes up the first ten minutes of class and can be done lying on the Reformer, sitting on it or even standing up. The idea is that we mobilise the ankle joint in all different planes of motion and in all different positions.

“Our focus is on Pain Free Running” – Milena discusses Pilates and running in next month’s edition of Irish Tatler

If you think about it, our feet are probably the most neglected part of our when it comes to exercise. So it can feel really heavenly to open up the sole of the foot, stretch the tissue & facia around the joint and to move it in all sorts of different directions with different tensions and intensions.

Our focus is on Pain Free Running

In the coming weeks we will be adding some brilliant blogs on the specific elements of Pilates & Movement that can help your running technique as well as reduce your risk of injury.

For more details on Pain Free Running & how Pilates can help your running technique – get in touch or keep your eye on our Inspire Blog.