Trekking the Camino – camaraderie, sore feet and lots of laughs

Milena took to the Camino over the Easter Holidays and she’s caught the walking bug!

My Mum always says – if you want something done – ask a busy person to do it. That’s exactly why she tasked me a few months ago to look into how she might go about organising to walk the Camino.

Trekking the camino

I’ll be honest in saying my knowledge of what it was all about was extremely limited, but my Mum is an incredibly fit lady who loves to hill walk and has always been my inspiration, so when she asked me to look in to it for her – I decided to do one better & go along with her.

When I started to find out more about the journey i was intrigued by the history & the culture and when we got round to booking it which happened to fall around Easter time, I thought taking Elena, my fourteen year old, along would be a great way for us to spend some serious quality time together.

We walked 116km in total over 5 days – with the longest day reaching 29km and the shortest day 19km.

The scenery was incredible and would remind you of rural Ireland in 26 degrees of heat.

The smell of eucalyptus in the forrest and lilac in the fields were so pungent and the scenery amazing.

We met incredible people along the way – some who had been walking for 26 days solid – these walkers would have started in Bilbao and would have been walking a total of 770km.

We took the rather novice route of starting in Sarria and moving into Santiago via Palas De Rei although it was tough for first time walkers like myself & Elena.

Trekking the caminoMy Mum & her sister never once complained of sore muscles or tired feet – me, on the other hand, did my fair share of complaining and laughing at myself and how bad the DOMS were after day one.

Walking downhill was worse by far – but every evening without fail – I did my Franklin Method feet exercises & spine work which helped a lot.

We arrived into Santiago on day 5 feeling so delighted with our achievement – even if it was a small one.

Along the way there were plenty of fabulous little cafes & bars to stop & refresh at and meet other walkers from all over the world, some walking solo & some in big groups.

I’ve completely caught the bug – Im already online looking at alternative routes and Im definitely dragging Will along on one of these trips soon.

The most special thing about this trip was to walk with my Mum & my daughter – having chats & laughs along the way and in the evening comparing stories of old & new.

It’s a trip I would highly recommend taking and I have to say a huge thank you to my lovely clients who have already done it many times who were on hand to give me plenty of advice & encouragement along the way.