Platinum Physiotherapy

Earlier this year we launched our bespoke Physiotherapy Clinics in Leeson Street & Rathmines.
Our team is expanding and we will have two brand new Physiotherapists joining our clinics in January.

What Makes Platinum Physiotherapy So Special?

Physiotherapist giving knee therapy

Life is complicated enough and as impressive as long words sound we prefer to get you out of our clinics as quickly as you came in.  Our approach is very simple and whilst our primary goal is to aleviate acute symptoms – ultimately we strive to ensure that your symptoms do not return.
We work very closely with our Pilates Team to help you prevent further pain & discomfort & eliminate the need to continue visiting a physiotherapist or consultant.
That might sound counter productive to our business but our aim to get you back to normal life as soon as possible.

Platinum Physio uses a pretty unique and simple concept that has a different twist on modern physiotherapy. It’s tried and tested and very, very effective.

Physiotherapy has historically been all about 1 physiotherapist taking charge of everything, all in one very rushed session. That’s one person pushing you this way and that whilst simultaneously suggesting a few strengthening exercises that you’ll most likely forget. We have stacks of sound evidence to suggest there’s a much better and faster way to get you really better.

Platinum Physio will treat you and then work with our team of Rehab specialists to help you integrate exercise back into your life.  You will be supported all of the way.

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Pre and Post Natal Pilates this Autumn

Our experienced team of instructors understand the body's needs and changes during these diverse phases of motherhood.