Teresa Tackles Week 4 With Mixed Results

As week 4 of the Platinum Transformation kicks off, I’m 100% positive I want to continue this journey.

For me it was always going to be long term and never just for January.

The beginning of week 4 was probably the hardest for me, but I managed to stay on track.

Breakfasts have been a mixture of of mixed fruit with yoghurt, eggs and smoothies. Lunches, no comment! It’s a slow work in progress.I am still struggling with managing work and school picks up so still in the habit of skipping lunch or bad snacking. Dinners are the main meal of the day but tend to have them early enough as I don’t like going to bed straight after eating.

Monday was hake with a mixed salad and boiled potatoes. Tuesday, we had pasta with tuna, tomato sauce and a side salad. Wednesday, I served up roasted red pepper and tomato soup with brown bread. Thursday, I went for a healthier option of Spanish omelette.  I steamed the potatoes rather than frying them and I really enjoyed it. Friday,was homemade pizza night. I know it wasn’t the healthiest but we need to treat ourselves every now and then. The kids loved it.

Saturday, I went out for a late lunch with some friends and had mussels. I love seafood. Wrapping up the weekend on Sunday, my husband had cooked another lovely roast dinner. I skipped out on the potatoes this week.

Exercise wise, I managed another three reformer classes. I really thought they were getting easier but how wrong I was. Sometimes I feel I’m going backwards rather than forwards.

I have also managed to finally join the gym. My aim is to go 3 times a week along with keeping my  2 to 3 reformer classes. My gym has a lovely pool, so I’m adding swimming into the mix too. There’s a steam room and a sauna too, so knowing I can relax after my work out is giving me more motivation to go.

I hit my personal goal of loosing 2.5kgs, it’s not much but it’s a start and I’m hoping that by maintaining a balanced diet and being more active, I’ll loose more weight. Slowly but surely. I want to keep small changes I have made. I know I need to improve my diet but this journey has got me started!