Teresa Tells All About Week 3, Small Steady Steps!

3 weeks in and knowing I still have a long way to go, I feel like I am making progress.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so slow and steady wins the race, Right?

I’m starting to get used to a routine of exercise and diet. Little things like more energy in the morning and better sleep at night, are keeping me motivated. I know there’s room for improvement, but it’s good that I’m heading in the right direction.I feel like my progress is on track.

Exercise wise, I had a really good week. Consistency has been key.  I did three Reformer classes last week. Monday Level 3 with Will, Wednesday Level 3 with Lisa and a Mixed Level on Saturday with Kate. I’ve noticed that I’m already getting stronger, managing to do a couple more counts of those dreaded planks! I know how Cleints feel now when Plank is mentioned in class. The time seems to drag when holding a Plank. My stability and endurance has also improved too.

I’ve also been monitoring my steps every day and have managed to increase my daily total each day. I have truned my walk in the park into a brisk walk now and can feel the cardiovascular difference. With all good intentions last week to join the gym, it still hasn’t happened. I’ve never been a fan of them and have some sort of mental block about it. With the brighter evenings creeping in, I’ll take the kids out for a longer walk instead.

It’s All About Balance.


On the food side of things, I am continuing to make slow, steady progress.

Breakfasts have been a mixture of eggs, muesli with yoghurt and berries or smoothies. If I know I am going to have  along break between eating I will throw in some brown toast with my eggs to keep me going.

Lunches are still a disaster. With pick ups and teaching lunches are more a quick snack of convenience rather than an actual meal. I am trying my best though and am very aware that I need to make the right decision with convenience snacks. They can be quick and healthy!

Dinners have been a great mix this week. Monday we had some homemade chicken curry with rice and vegetables. Tuesday we had rolled cannelloni with tuna, tomato sauce and a salad. Wednesday mixed vegetable soup with brown bread. If I’m honest, bread is one of my weaknesses. Thursday I whipped up homemade meatballs in tomato sauce and pasta.

Friday, after teaching, We had a team meeting and I ended up cheating, we all did in fairness. I had a Butler’s hot chocolate. Realising I hadn’t eaten, I snacked on some mixed nuts. I was so hungry by the time I got home I couldn’t resist the take out my Husband had ordered. Crispy duck, spring rolls and egg fried rice. It tasted every bit as good as it sounds. I realised I had been pretty good all week and it is all about balance. I could justify this one.

After class on Saturday, I took the kids horse riding and then we went off to Dundrum to say hello to the team doing the House of Fraser promotion. We ended up having lunch in Jamie Oliver’s. I had a lovely pasta dish. Sunday after teaching, I arrived home to a wonderful dinner my husband had cooked for us, roast beef and vegetables. I avoided the roast potatoes and had some boiled potatoes instead.

Overall, I am so happy with my progress. It really is about making small changes and sticking to them. There is nothing extreme about what I am doing so it ensures that I will be able to sustain this routine long into the year.

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