Stay Motivated On The Countdown Till Christmas

Did someone mention “Christmas”?!

It’s tough, we know. It’s cold, you’re tired, the deadlines are piling up and the end of the year feels like it’s sprinting towards you as if you pressed the fast forward button. It’s now more than ever that you need to ward off temptation so as not to undo all the good you done this year.

Here are a few ways to help you not only look great but feel great during the silly season and yes, perhaps trick yourself a little into getting your sweat on.

1. Pre-book classes & add a reminder into your calendar

Sometimes the hardest part is just dragging yourself to class, but as they say, the only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do. Pre-book your classes and book them for a time that you know you can commit to, be it lunch time, mornings or early evenings, you’ll be more likely to come if you know your name is on the list and the instructor is expecting you, believe it or not, we do expect you.

Share your calendar with a colleague so they can hold you to it if they see you dabbling in thoughts of late cancelling.

girl stretching

2. If your motivation for a tough workout is dwindling – opt for a lower level

Even if you’re a regular in the toughest Level 2 or 3 class, sometimes a Level 1 is all you need to get some exercise in to your day, especially on days where you may not feel you’ve the energy to even look at a reformer.

Once you’re in class, after 10 minutes you’ll find you’ve got the power to carry on. Level 1 is great for technique and control and could often leave you a lot more sore than expected the following day, not to mention proud that you didn’t just go home and snuggle up.

3. Get your gear ready the night before

Pack the bag or get your gear ready so that it stares you in the face when you wake up. Although it’s perhaps a form of guilt and you may curse yourself for being such a proactive night-person but before you know it, it’ll be time to spritz down the machine and you’ll be done for the day.

4. Budget for your Health, a gift to yourself

We’re entering the season of spending, including parties, gifts, outfits, drinks at the pub and food, glorious food! Take a look at your budget and put aside enough to spend on your health and fitness, we all know how yuck it feels when we don’t work out so take that into consideration when you make your Christmas budget. Pay in advance so it’s done and dusted before the kitty is empty.

5. Platinum Gift Card prezzies

‘Tis the season to be generous so why not treat a friend, spouse or family member to a Platinum gift card and get them in on some classes with you.

Although it may only be in the new year that they nervously find themselves next to you on the carriage for the first time gingerly getting their feet into straps, hopefully the idea that you’re going to be engaging in some friendly competition in January, might prevent you from guzzling down that lonely mince pie in December.

Hopefully a few of these helped and see you in class!

The Platinum Team