Why Pilates is the perfect core workout

So what makes Pilates the ultimate core workout?

Did you know celebs & athletes have been using Pilates for years to strengthen & tone their well define abs? Knowing that a strong core is more than just abs of steel is a great place to start. To get the perfect core – you need to work on these 5 principals – called Pilates Principals.


The breathing technique taught with Pilates is actually one of the secrets to fab ab success. Using a dynamic breath pattern can allow you to test and challenge your core muscles even more than hundreds of crunches in the gym. The Pilates Breath is designed to facilitate movement, which in turn facilitates amazing breath patterns.

From the breath, you get this amazing synergy of flow through the body systems.


Most of the advanced Pilates repertoire involves major control of the global muscular system and immense support for the stabilising systems. Think teasers, 100s and roll over – none of these can be performed well without serious neuromuscular control.

Milena Pilates pose

With my clients I teach them how to slow down and awaken the systems first and from there, find the strength to move. It’s amazing just what the body can achieve under great control!


Often the very thing the body needs is to be brought back to basics and using a powerful Mind – Body technique, I teach clients to quieten & calm the noise of their body so that they can reset, re-centre, & refocus the mind & body.

From a base of centre, it can become easier to be able to work the body back into a place of challenge & force.
When the mind & body are centred, we can bring exercises to the next level.


Joseph Pilates side plank Pilates increases proprioception & awareness – Joseph Pilates once said “if we become more aware of ourselves, we become more aware of our effect on others”.

During my sessions I love to awaken people’s senses and move them into planes of motion that cause them to test their limits of stability. Learning to balance requires taking the body to an unstable place.  However, done in the right environment, you can start to make improvements immediately. I also teach clients to open their eyes and be aware of much of what is around them.


Lastly – being absolutely precise in your movement will ensure you absolutely maximise your workout.
I always say 8 perfectly performed reps is far better than 20 half hearted ones. Being precise in your movement will ensure you are using the previous 4 principals in every part of your exercise.

You will know when you are incorporating these because you will feel like you are working 10 times harder than the person next to you throwing out poor performed reps.