Day 7 Ditching The Detox Demons

Woohoo we are nearly one week sugar free!

Its been a fantastic week. Whether you are cutting sugar out completely or reducing your levels, a huge well done from everyone a Platinum.

But this point the detox demons creep in. Those doubts about why you are doing this? Is it worth it? Can you do it?

Stick with it! This is the hardest part of the 21 days. The novelty has worn off a little and you are still craving sugar. You haven’t noticed much difference in your body and you are fretting that you are not even half way through.

These doubts are part of the process. Push through these next few days and it gets so much easier. Sugar is uber addictive, quitting it is never go to be a breeze. Your body will adjust to a low sugar diet, the craving will go. I promise.

Remember why you are doing this. Are bodies cannot cope with high sugar diets. Freeing yourself of sugar will give you control back. You will no longer be a slave to sugar highs and lows. Your energy, your mood and your happiness will all skyrocket.

Bigger still, you will drastically improve your longterm health. A high sugar diet sends your body into a chronic low inflammatory state that is responsible for a melody of disorders like insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.

To get through this hump;

Throw out temptation

If you haven’t already cleared your cupboards of bad things. Do it now. You are at your weakest point and they may prove too tempting. Out of sight out of mind.

Don’t deprive yourself

Eat plenty of your favourite healthy foods. For me a giant bowl of hot porridge stops those cravings taking over. Make an effort to make your favourite lunch and dinners over the next few days. The promise of these will help keep you on track.

Focus on the good

Don’t focus on the sugar you are missing out on but on the extra amazing nutrients you are eating. A little research on what you are gaining will be wonderful motivation.

Eat fat

A simple cheat to silence those cravings. Indulge in full fat yoghurts, cheese, nut butters etc.

Keep yourself busy

Thankfully the good weather has coincided perfectly with our challenge. The bright evenings are perfect for getting out and active. Grab your 21 day challenge buddy, go walk, chat and get each other focused.

Work with your body

Appreciate your body and its amazing capabilities. You’ve have been putting it though hell with years of sugar. Its time to work together, no more self sabotage. Set yourself a Pilates goal to reach such a a full backbend, splits or a one handed plank. Having a positive relationship with your body will make the 21 day challenge and beyond so much easier.

Drink up

Keep guzzling water. Most of our hunger cues stem from thirst. Flavour waters with lemon, lime and mint.

Make a food plan

Prepare for the next few days. Don’t give your eyes or your stomach the chance to wander.

Reward yourself

This is a big one. In the long term if you change your mindset from food being a reward you are more likely to keep off sugar. Treat yourself to some new workout gear, a massage or a manicure.

Stay strong,

Annie xxx