Ditching Sugar – One Platinum Teacher That Needs No Encouragement

Will Byrne tells us why he has never allowed refined sugar to control him and believes that moderation is the key to a happy healthy life

We know that trying to cut down on our refined sugar intake is the fastest way to return to health & wellness & move away from disease – but if it was that simple why do we find it so hard to kick the habit.  Well most of us that is – Will Byrne – Co owner of Platinum Pilates needs no encouragement at all when it comes to quitting sugar

You don’t find the task so daunting – tell us why you choose a refined sugar free diet?

Will Byrne on his bikeI grew up in south Africa where we grew our own veg and fruit and lived quite remotely from the nearest town. So treats and snack for us came from our garden not the local shop. Orange trees, nectarines, lemons, berries, carrots, peas & tomatoes.

Its been 20 years since you left SA. Living in London in such a fast paced city – did your habits not change?

When I first got to London, I remember calling my mum asking her what organic food meant? I thought is was a type of genetically modified vegetable 🙂
Having trained all my life, Ive always been intuitive with what my body needs. Food for me it is like the fuel you put into your car.

You don’t over fill your engine – you put in as much as you need & then repeat

Our bodies were never designed to consume refined additives, synthetic foods or too much of the one fuel. Nutrients  have specific jobs in the body … same as your car – oil lubricates the engine, while petrol makes it go –

Imagine if you stopped putting oil into your car … or if you stopped putting petrol in. Or worse still, started putting in a cheaper synthetic version of one of these.

Well refined sugar is like a cheaper more synthetic fuel and if your body came with a user manual the way your car does, Refined sugar would not feature …

Oh come on Will … Do you ever treat yourself?

Hell yes – My cheat night is Friday evening with a big glass of very good red wine and dinner with Milena

So we cant tempt you to some sweets, chocolate, ice-cream?

No, I just don’t have the taste for it and to me a real sweet treat is a big juicy mango or pineapple.

Do You Ever Include Refine Sugar In Your Life?

Of course – 4 hours into a bike ride and I hit the wall – I reach into my sugar stash of jelly beans and the pure fructose instantly pushes me on – gives me at least another 40 mins of pushing. Can you imagine sitting on your backside consuming the same sweets with no-where for that fructose to go but into your fat stores.

So What advice do you give to the Sugar Addicts Amongst Us?

The biggest thing I notice when my clients clean up their diets is their taste for whole foods really open up. They understand the concept of food to fuel rather than to reward. You become tuned into your body and more importantly, your body lets you know exactly what it needs and when.

Much like the onboard computer of a finely tuned car … when you completely dissociate from a diet of refined sugar … your body will never ever go there again.
It’s that straight forward –

It’s not a diet … it’s a way of life.